Dota Underlords – Meta Builds

Meta Builds Hunter Build Variations Hunter (3/6) 1) 6 Hunters: This is only achieved in the […]

Meta Builds

Hunter Build Variations

Hunter (3/6)

1) 6 Hunters: This is only achieved in the late game, we should aim for 3 hunters + front line while rolling for.

2) 3 Hunters Branch options: Warrior, Heartless, Savage, Brawny and Demon Hunters

Hunter Build Variations

– Hunter, Savage, Warrior (we can roll at level 7/8, late game for 6 hunters)

– Hunter Warrior Heartless + Demon Hunter! Surprisingly strong with blink on TB!

– 4 Brawny Hunters, Pokemon Training Time.

Knights Build Variations

Knights (4/6)

1) 6 Knights: This is a solid build with, at level 8 we can have both Dragon Heartless for one of the most balanced mid game lineup between round 20-30

2) 4 Knights: This is allows more flexibility, we can branch into: Dragon, Demon hunter, Mages, Warlock, Heartless and even Trolls (2/4) with luck Troll Warlord pick up at level 8.

Knights Build Variations

– 6 Knights Heartless Dragons (old but classic)
– 4 Knights Dragon Demon Hunters (great Damage!)
– 4 Humans Knights Heartless Mage (could be 6 heartless with Fall from Grace!)

Scrappy Build Variations

Scrappy (4)

1) Assassins (3): Aim to select at least one AOE damage Assassin, and one hyper carry, Queen of Pain/Morphling and Slark/Phantom Assassin. This allow for more itemization options and complements for Scrappy’s lack of damage

2) Mages: CM, Puck, Keeper of the light are ideal mages, we can swap keeper for lich and add necrophos with alch for heartless and warlocks late game. Remember the key here is to roll for Scrappy here! Mages are fine at! (note we can always add units like Morpling/Shadow Fiend for great AOE damage at level 8!)

3) Warlocks: we can have 2/4 warlocks, this can be Alchemist + Witch doctor, Shadow fiend, Necrophos and disruptor.

4) Scrappy Demon Hunters can also work wonders!

Scrappy Build Variations

– Scrappy Assassins (only need 4 Scrappy)
– Scrappy Mage (can add additional AOE unit)
– Scrappy Warlock, Great AOE and Healing!

Elusive Build Variations

Elusive (6/9)

1) Elusive 6: We do not need to rush 9 Elusives asap, stay on 6 and roll for 1-3 key to secure us the late game.

a) Possible Branch options: Dragon, Demon hunters, Assassin (3), Savage Druids, Hunters (3)

2) Elusive 9: We can also start to roll at level 9 with 75% evasion, this would delay our, this can be an option when we can not find key branch units to or have found a majority of our Elusive team.

Elusive Build Variations

– 6 Elusive Dragon Assassins
– 6 Elusive Hunter Demon Hunter

Assassins Build Variations

Assassins (6/9)

1) Key Items: Helm of Undying and Big Time Contract, Helm is great on Bloodseeker and any other assassin. Contract is only good once we have 2+ of them, it is better go for 9 Assassins late game if we have only 1 contract (it is not worth wasting 2+ slots for additional sacrificial ogre/mr. warlocks)

2) We will aim to Roll at level 7/8 have 6 assassins, our Branch Options: Druids, Primordial (tiny for AOE Stuns), Dragons and Scrappy.

Assassins Build Variations

– Extra Stun 6 Assassins
– Dragon Assassins
– Druids Savage Assassins (very solid)

Savage Build Variations

Savages (4/6)

1) Druids (2/4): without summoning stone, it is better to go 6 savages with 2 druids + additional branch like: warlock, Demon hunter, hunter, warrior etc. With summoning stone we can go 4 Druids + 6 savages and later add more branches.

Savage Build Variations

– 6 Savage + 4 Druids
– 6 Savages + Demon Hunters
– 6 Savage Hunters

Mage Build Variations

Mages (3/6)

1) Mage (6): This can work with 1-2 Massive AOE units like Morphling, QOP, Shadow Fiend.

2) Primordial (2/4): Here Summoning Stone + Arc warden can be great, especially with items like maelstrom, dagon on Arc

3) Dragon/Heartless: Fall from grace is a great indication for heartless Dragon mage!

4) Shaman/Legendary: We can level to 9 and roll for both and legendary units!

Mage Build Variations

– 6 Mage Build, Tiny is Key For Initial Stun!
– 4 Primordial Dragon Mage, Puck and Tiny are Key here
– 3 Shaman Legendary Mage, Key is have most units to

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