Welcome to our DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Survivors Active & Passive Skills guide. Do you want […]

Welcome to our DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Survivors Active & Passive Skills guide. Do you want to fine tune your survivor in Dragon Ball: The Breakers? Need help finguring out what tools are available to you to fight back against the raider? Well look no further, this guide has got you covered.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS guide.


Survivor Active and Passive Skills, What Do They Do and How to Obtain? This guide will show you!

Current Passive & Active Abilities in Game

Power Charger (Shop): You will slowly gain DC (Dragon Charge) from level 0 to 1. Goes inactive after level 1.

Barrier Auto-Recovery (Piccolo): After a while, your shield/barrier will automatically recover even if you dont use a device to do it.

On Guard (Multiple Characters): Heartbeat of raider can be heard sooner.

Ki Detection (Goku): When you are near the raider you can see their aura behind walls and obstructions.

Emergency Transformation (Available at start): When you get attacked by the raider you will automatically transform without needing to manually do it.

Vehicle Jump Boost (Krillin/Bulma?): Increases the jump height of your mount/vehicle.

Vehicle Speed Boost (Krillin/Bulma?): Increases the speed of your mount/vehicle.

Emergency Escape (Shop): If you are in a zone being destroyed by the raider you will teleport out.

(Dirt) Movement Speed (Yamcha/Tien): You move faster on ground.

Slide (Trunks): You gain the ability to slide, increases speed on sloped terrain by sliding.

Floating Device (Shop): Allows you to float while in mid air while active.

VIP Special (Yamcha/Andorid 18): Reduces the cost of vending machines items.

Grappling Hook (Available at start): Fires a line that zooms you to the designated location.

Camouflage (Oolong): Transforms you into a random object, raider cannot lock on to you.

Change:Missile (Oolong): Transforms you into a high mobility missile to zoom across the map.

More DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS Survivors Passive & Active Skills

Flying Nimbus (Gohan): Summons Nimbus to fly you around the map *synergizes with speed boost passive*

Trampoline Bouncing Device (Available at start): Summons a trampoline that bounces you in a high arc.

Saiyan Pod (Vegeta): Summons a pod that can transport you anywhere on the map. Does damage to raider when it crashes down on them.

Kaioken Assault (Goku): Launches a kaioken attack that can zoom you across the map or if directed at raider, does damage and sends them flying back.

Wall of Defense (Piccolo): If the raider is using a super on a close ally you will take some of the damage instead.

Scouting Device (Shop): Sends out a drone that detects the raider if it encounters them.

Smoke Bomb (Available at start): Summons a smoke cloud that prevents the raider from locking on to you.

Trap Device (Shop): Summons a device that if the raider comes into range of, stuns them for a short duration.

Fake Death (Yamcha): Play dead like a Saibamen just exploded on you, knocks back the raider and makes you appear to already be dead so the raider may not finish you off.

Solar Flare (Tien): Close range skill that stuns the raider if they are looking in your direction when its used.

Krillin’s Shoe (Krillin): Throws a projectile that stuns the raider if they get hit by it.

Charming Pose (Bulma): Close/Medium range skill that stuns the raider if they come into range of you while you are posing.

Bulma’s Bike (Bulma): Summons a vehicle that has speed boosts and zooms very fast across the land. *synergizes with speed boost passive and jump boost passive*

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