DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT – Best Method of Completing Game

Best Method of Completing Game

So the best possible way of completing this game is to START with the main story, after you complete all 4 MAIN sagas, you then want to go around all the locations on the map and beat all the red markers. After you do a few of the red markers, you will be encountered by Towa, you will then need to defeat more of the red markers on the map until they are all complete. You will fight Mira after doing all these red markers, after this I’d suggest you go and do the side quests and go ACHEIVEMENT hunting. so this is my guide of the BEST and most efficent way of playing DRAGON BALL KAKAROT.

Alternatively, do all of the side content as it becomes available until you get level-gated, esp. during intermissions, progress naturally via main missions, and once you’re around the level of the previously unattainable/unbeatable content, return to it. By the time you’re done with the main story, you’ll have nothing left but Mira to wrap things up.

If you save all of the side stuff until the end, it’s going to feel like a chore, and you may not bother finishing it, and even if you do decide to continue, you’re going to blow through everything because of the level disparity. The game is easy as hell, so making it even easier by being 20 levels above the leftover content won’t do it any favor

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