Duck Creator – How to Exit

Duck Creator How to Exit Welcome to the alternative Duck Creator How to Exit guide (or […]

Duck Creator How to Exit

Welcome to the alternative Duck Creator How to Exit guide (or adceg for short) before you read this guide, it is high’y recommended you read “How to exit duck creator” by emperor sev. Which touches on the rdcevmkh technique, as that is (as of writing) the most efficient method to exit duck creator. This guide isn’t here to serve as a better way to exit. But rather as a alternative method for the more wild among us that want to quit in a brand new way! Now, with that information out of the way, we can get to the juicy bits!


The method we’ll be touching on today is the alt-enter alternative exit method (not faster than rapid duck creator escape via multi-keystroke holding) or a-eaexm(nftrdcevmkh) for short (you may not call it anything else). To begin the a-eaexm(nftrdcevmkh) method. You must first have duck creator opened up on your personal computer. The next thing you will have to do is a bit tricky, so you have to read carefully. Similarly to the rdcevmkh strat, you must hold down the alt (alternative) key on your keyboard. Like the rdcevmkh, either left or right works, but unlike the rdcevmkh, the right key is actually more efficient for this method, as it is closer to the second key you have to hold down, but you really should use whatever you find more comfortable. Now with the alt key held down, at the same time press the enter key. When this happens, something odd occurs. A weird bar appears at the top of the screen, with the text “Duck creator” on the left of it, and 3 symbols on the right. When this bar appears, immediately stop holding down the alt and enter keys. Then, navigate your courser to the top right corner of the bar (where the icons are). The three icons look like a dash, a box, and a x. Now, simply press the x icon, and viola! Duck creator is now exited!

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