Dungeons 4 Mission 5 Walkthrough

Master mission 5 in Dungeons 4 with insights and strategies outlined in our detailed Dungeons 4 Mission 5 Walkthrough guide.

If you want to learn how to finish mission 5 in Dungeons 4, you should check our walkthrough guide.

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Mission 5 Bad Elves Go Everywhere Walkthrough

Mission 5 feels impossible? Your whole party wiped killing the unicorn and you still can’t get to the construction crews? Same. Have a guide. The trick to beating the Unicorn: add 5 nagas to your army, spread them around the glade so they don’t all get stunned.

Mission 5 - Bad Elves Go Everywhere

Win the mission by destroying all of Tristan’s Hero buildings. Tristan starts the game with 1 building, and will periodically spawn a construction crew that will slowly move into place from the edge of the map and build another.

To complicate matters, you can’t reach any of the buildings until you’ve upgraded your little snots to level 3, which requires 300 Evilness (50 + 250). The only sensible way to acquire this much evilness is to kill the conveniently placed Unicorn.


  • Bad Elves Go Everywhere
    Complete “Bad Elves Go Everywhere” on any difficulty level.
  • Experienced Thalya
    Raise Thalya to level 3 or higher in “Bad Elves Go Everywhere”
  • Unicorn Steaks – fresh off the hoof!
    Defeat the Unicorn in “Bad Elves Go Everywhere” within 30 minutes.

Unlockable Skills:

  • Cheap SkillsThalya’s Skills cost 50% less Evilness when used.
    Tristan cannot be allowed to build more than 3 Hero buildings.


To get the skill unlock, you’re going to have to beat the Unicorn ASAP, so that’s what this guide focuses on.

0. Initial Preparation

Skip the cutscene, the clock is already running and it wastes 2 entire minutes.

Queue some things up:

  • Dig a straight line from your throne room to the flagged area to the north.
    This sets you up to access the second dungeon exit as quickly as possible once your snots are upgraded.
  • Build a second Create-o-Mat in your workshop.
  • Dig directly south of your base to find more gold veins.
Dig- NorthDig – South
Mission 5 - Bad Elves Go EverywhereMission 5 - Bad Elves Go Everywhere
Dungeons 4 Mission 5 Walkthrough

Don’t spend too much time developing your base. This mission flows best if you can get the unicorn down quickly, so queue up the digs and move on.

1. Rush the Unicorn?

Don’t rush the Unicorn with your starting units. Your party will wipe, and while you’re dealing with the spiders the Unicorn will heal itself. Oh yeah, did I mention the spiders?

Research nagas, train 5 nagas, then rush the Unicorn.

Seriously, that’s it. Starting army + 5 nagas, and you can defeat the Unicorn in the first 5 minutes of the game.


  • A small group of heroes are guarding the entrance to the glade, deal with them first.
  • The Unicorn has an area stun, spread your nagas around the glade to keep them all from being stunned at once.
  • Do not kite the Unicorn, or let is dash itself out of the glade.
    If the Unicorn leaves the glade it will turn immune and rapidly heal itself.

The Unicorn telegraphs its two stun attacks. You can move units out of the way if you’re quick enough, but it’s not necessary as long as you keep your nagas spread out.

Area stunDash stun
Mission 5 - Bad Elves Go EverywhereMission 5 - Bad Elves Go Everywhere
Dungeons 4 Mission 5 Walkthrough
Immediately after defeating the Unicorn

Upgrade your snots to level 3, they’ll finish digging out to the second dungeon exit.

Mission 5 - Bad Elves Go Everywhere

After the Unicorn is defeated, a special extra construction crew will show up and try to build a hero building in this section of the map.

Move your army to Intercept this crew before they return to your base.

While you’re waiting for that to intercept, develop your base and research technology. Build some doors, make sure you built a vault around the second gold mine, maybe get a couple more units?

2. Deal with the Spiders

~5 minutes into the mission, two spider nests will be revealed and spiders will start tunnelling toward your base.

Mission 5 - Bad Elves Go Everywhere

You can build more traps at the point their paths intersect, but the spiders are a bit tanky so I find it easier to just kill them with units.

They take about 4 minutes to get to you, which is enough time to finish off the construction crew and get your army back to fight them.

After you’ve dealt with the first wave of spiders, the nests will start sending out spiders to dig out spaces and build more nests. Periodically all nests will send spiders to attack your base.

Destroy the nests to prevent them from overwhelming you while you’re busy with the buildings, or rush the buildings while fending off waves of spiders.

3. Win the Game

You win by knocking down all of Tristan’s buildings.

This is entirely doable with the same army that you used on the Unicorn, or you can play around building your army up.

Make sure you intercept construction crews to stop Tristan from holding more than 3 buildings at a time.


Target timeline

  • 00:00 – 01:40: Research and train nagas
  • 01:40 – 05:00: Rush the unicorn
  • 05:00 – 08:00: Intercept, research, build
  • 08:00 – 12:00: Deal with spiders
  • 12:00 – 20:00: Destroy the Hero buildings

Why beat the Unicorn?

It’s basically impossible to get the skill unlock on this level without beating the Unicorn.

Tristan spawns his first construction crew after ~7 minutes, and new ones spawn every ~6 minutes after that. You need to intercept or destroy a building before the 3rd crew gets into place, which will happen sometime before the 25 minute mark.

You need 300 evilness to tunnel through to the second dungeon exit and start intercepting construction crews.

Your sources of evil at the start of the level are:

  • 100 – start of the level
  • 50 – build a guard room
  • 50 – build an arena
  • 35 – kill the heroes in front of the Unicorn glade
  • TOTAL – 235

This leaves you short by 65 evilness.

After that, you need to wait for hero raids to come and attack your base.

I found these were happening shortly after each hero camp was built, and they were giving me between 30 and 40 evilness each. That leaves you with a window of a few minutes to defeat the 2nd party, upgrade your snots, tunnel to the second dungeon exit, and intercept 3rd crew before they get to their destination.

If you have the timing tight enough it might be possible? I tried it and couldn’t get my army there in time. The Unicorn is easier.

The Arena & Guard Room quests are a red herring

When the two spider nests are revealed, the game suggests you build an Arena and a Guard Room for a reward of 50 evilness each.

Don’t bother. 100 evilness isn’t enough to upgrade your snots without beating the Unicorn, and once you do beat the Unicorn you won’t need it.

There isn’t enough time to sit waiting for your horde units to level up before you take on the Unicorn if you want to unlock the skill. Spending the money and effort will put you behind schedule.


Pro tip: you can open campaign missions in the map editor (under ‘Extras’ in the main menu) and look at the maps yourself 🙂

The editor can also be opened while you’re playing using the ` key, but note that this will stop you earning achievements in that game.

Mission 5 - Bad Elves Go EverywhereMission 5 - Bad Elves Go Everywhere
Locations of all hero buildings
Build within the pink square to avoid most spiders
Dungeons 4 Mission 5 Walkthrough Map
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