Dungeons 4 Unlock All Perks

How to unlock all perks in Dungeons 4? You will find the answer to this question here and the information that will unlock all the advantages without having to play in the campaigns is in this Dungeons 4 Unlock All Perks guide!

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Dungeons 4 Unlock All Perks

If you’re looking for a cheat guide for Dungeons 4, you’re in the right place. This Dungeons 4 Unlock All Perks guide contains the detailed information you need to unlock all the advantages without having to play in the campaigns.

What to do

Open file:

  • C:Users${USER}AppDataRoamingKalypso MediaDungeons 4config-profile.cfg

where ${USER} is your Windows account.

At the end of the file you will see entries that start with

modify (or add if it doesn’t exist):

  • campaign.unlockedevilperks=


campaign.unlockedevilperks=evilperk_skill_tentacle evilperk_skill_callback evilperk_skill_storm evilperk_thalya_xp evilperk_demons_research evilperk_horde_research evilperk_undead_minions evilperk_general_traps_and_doors evilperk_horde_xp evilperk_undead_research evilperk_demons_damage_evilness evilperk_general_research evilperk_general_snots evilperk_general_payday_guru evilperk_thalya_health evilperk_thalya_damage evilperk_undead_turned_hero evilperk_general_evil_traps evilperk_general_damage

It should be all on a single line.

Unlocking all perks

Save the file and enter the game.

Unlocking all perks

Written by Kruno Saho

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