Dwarf Fortress Aquarium Guide

Welcome to our Dwarf Fortress Aquarium Guide. This guide will show you everything you need for […]

Welcome to our Dwarf Fortress Aquarium Guide. This guide will show you everything you need for Aquarium. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Dwarf Fortress game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Dwarf Fortress guide.

Dwarf Fortress Aquarium Guide

After reading this guide, you will be able to:

  • Use charcoal for making green glass
  • Use charcoal for making green glass terrarium
  • Make small animal traps
  • Use small animal traps to capture (specifically water vermin/ fish creatures)
  • Use the glass terrarium to have water creatures like fish, et cetera.

The general flowthrough for Dwarf Fortress Aquarium Guide

1. We use wood to make charcoal.
1.1 We use this charcoal to make a green glass terrarium.

2. We make small animal trap
2.1 We capture small animal specifically from the Fishery Workshop
2.2 We have a fisherdwarf who catches water vermin

3. We click on terrarium and set it to be used as an aquarium.
3.1 A dwarf will come and fill it up with water using a bucket.
3.2 After a dwarf has caught a water creature, click on the aquarium and click on a creature.
3.3 The creature is assigned in that particular fish tank aka aquarium

That is the general layout. Further pages will explain the above in much detail with pictures step by step.

Making a small animal trap

A small animal trap can be made at :
Carpenters Shop:

Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

Or at Metalsmith under furniture tab:

Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

The trap in progress look like this :

Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

It would be safe to say it needs one bar of metal and fuel (charcoal / coke / magma @magma forges)
Here is a prepared copper animal trap:

Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

Now we have prepared a small animal trap. Let us make a terrarium next!

Making a glass terrarium

We prepare fuel at a wood furnace using the command : make charcoal
We can prepare coke from lignite / bituminous coal using the command :
make coke from bituminous coal or
make coke from lignite or
any other manner possible.
Having said that we have coke / charcoal prepared for using at a glass furnace!

at the glass furnace you use the following command :
We need a bag to carry sand, a bag can be made from leather, silk or cloth, all three are mostly available but for new players I will tell about pigtail:

  • Have a pigtail farm
  • Process plants when pigtails are harvested
  • When cloth is produced and kept in a cloth stockpile, go to the clothier workshop
  • EDIT – I : At a farmers workshop we have process plants, it gives back pigtail seeds and give pigtail thread/cloth thread
  • Normally at a loom all thread is auto processed to cloth piece. At the loom we give the weave cloth to command.
  • Using leather, we can make a ” make leather bag as well. Just kill those excess dogs/cats/chickens or whatever you wish to reduce clutter, it works for leather obtaining. It is obtained from ” make leather bag ” at a leather worskshop beside clothier/loom/dyer in cloth build section.
  • There we select make a cloth bag
Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

Alright, so now we have a bag, now use the collect sand command.

Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

upon doing so, you get this item :
Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

Go to the glass furnace now and select the make green glass option or just search it like this :

Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

now they will make it!
This is how it looks like :

Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

so now we have a green glass for making fish tank.

Edit – II Concept of Glass Furnace


This is specifically an advanced and a different page, but as per the suggestion I will explain the glass-maker workshop as a small subsection

  • Collect sand :
    collects sand from designated collect sand ( sand gathering zone )
  • Make green glass :
    requires any colour sand and a fuel like coke or charcoal or a magma glass workshop. Glass items will be made using fuel/magma and with a bag of sand.
  • Make clear glass :
  • Make charcoal at wood furnace,
  • The charcoal is converted to potash at an ashery
  • Then to make pearlash at a Kiln/Magma kiln from ash
  • At a glass furnace, they will use pearlash and any fuel to produce clear glass
  • Make Crystal glass :
  • You firstly need rock crystal
  • Then you need to have pearlash produced as mentioned above
  • The rock crystal and pearlash can be combined to produce crystal glass items but again rock crystals are quite hard to obtain.

Catching a live fish

Now we go to the fishery part
1. You make a fishery
2. You have a fisher dwarf ( a dwarf can be selected in labour tab and tick marked for fishing)
3. The fishing labour should be permitted ( nobody does this under fishing labour is not the be active)
4. Go to the fishery and select this: Catch live fish

It will be like this:
Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

It is also advised to have a river or an ocean or underwater ( SAFE ) water body so that at least pond turtles and as such can be caught at the least. A fishing zone is placed like this :

Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

Now a dwarf will catch fish in the trap, while that is being done, let us place a terrarium!

Oh look a dwarf is catching fishy!

Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

Look he caught this!
Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

A live squid!

Placement and designation of an Aquarium

A terrarium comes under : Placement -> Cages/Restraints -> Cages
Place a Glass terrarium like this :

Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

Now let us set it to a fish tank, just saying but if you want, you can place a dog or a rabbit or a cat in it if you want normally, it is like a cage in the first place…
Now set it to aquarium

Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

Now select the sea creature:

Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

There we have it!

Dwarf Fortress - Aquarium Guide

A live squid in a fish tank!
Multiple fishes / water creatures can be assigned by multiple selection. For now this will do, Good luck have fun ! may you catch much rarer stuff!

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