Dwarf Fortress Tavern Design Guide

Welcome to our Dwarf Fortress Tavern Design guide. Build, decorate and equip rooms and adjust zones […]

Welcome to our Dwarf Fortress Tavern Design guide. Build, decorate and equip rooms and adjust zones accordingly. Lets start!

Dwarf Fortress Tavern Design

Dwarves spend their days working, but you also have to take care of their free time, and one of the best things you can build for them to hang out in is a tavern. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Dwarf Fortress game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Dwarf Fortress guide.

The Rooms

Your tavern should have a large space for its main room, but it should also connect to another smaller room that will serve as a dormitory.

Tavern – Main Room

Digging out a space for a bar to be built is the first phase in the construction process. It is vital that the tavern be large enough to fit a stockpile, several tables and chairs, and a chest, while also providing some vacant space so that the dwarves can congregate. However, there is no exact size requirement for this area. To be clear, a 15×10 space should be more than enough to set up a bar.

Tavern – Dormitory

Additionally, it is advised that players dig out a smaller space adjacent to their inn. In this room, which will serve as a dormitory, guests will be able to sleep. a 6×4 room should be enough.

We recommend you to connect both rooms (Tavern & dormitory) by means of a door, and of course connect the tavern to the rest of the base by means of a door. We also recommend that you smooth them to improve their quality. By selecting both of the rooms and clicking on the gray square at the bottom of the screen, you may smooth the rooms.

Decorating the Tavern

Of course you can give free rein to your imagination. But for it to be functional, and based on the measurements that we have recommended, you will need at least 6 beds for the bedroom, 10 tables and 10 chairs for the main room, and a chest. You can craft all these pieces of furniture at the Carpeter’s Workshop

And here are some tips to make your taverna work perfectly:

  • Chests: Vessels will automatically be added to the chest, but we recommend putting a Craftdwarfs’ Workshop and use it to create rock mugs
  • Stockpile: Create a stockpile (stockpiles icon at the bottom of the screen) and select type = food, then customize the type of food to your choice
  • Setting Zones:

Tavern: Click the zone icon (bottom of the screen), click meeting area, highlight the tavern, shield with the plus sign and choose new inn or tavern.

Dormitory: Click the zone icon (bottom of the screen), click dormitory, highlight the dormitory, shield with the plus sign and click accept

Dwarf Fortress Tavern Design Video Guide

Finally we leave you a very quick video guide of the tavern and the dormitory:

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