Dying Light 2 All Safe Codes

Welcome to our Dying Light 2 All Safe Codes guide. This guide will show you all […]

Welcome to our Dying Light 2 All Safe Codes guide. This guide will show you all safe codes in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Dying Light 2 All Safe Codes

Safe Locations

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Safe Codes
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Safe Codes

Safe 1

– This is one of the first Dying Light 2 safes you’re likely to find as part of an early side mission to recover a prototype biomarker wristband. The combination, 973, is an answer to these riddles
{1.What becomes smaller when you turn it upside down.
2.And odd number – take away a letter and it becomes even.
3.A little girl goes to the store and buys one dozen eggs. As she is going home, all but three eggs break. How many eggs are left unbroken. }

Safe 2

– While you can technically discover this safe in the opening area of Dying Light 2 at the start, the combination, 1492 – entered as 14-9-2 – is locked behind a later mission. To technically earn it you need to find two characters called Jack and Joe imprisoned in the Peacekeeper prison. You’ll meet them initially as part of a mission to reclaim a Water Tower, and it’s possible to kill them, so you won’t meet them later. However, if they live and you find them in prison, they’ll give a mission called Moonshine and the code: the year America was discovered.

Safe 3

– This safe has an easy-to-find combination that can be found in a crate at the end of the bed. If you collect the note and then read it in your inventory, you’ll get the combination 1 0 1.

Safe 4

– You’ll encounter this camp as part of the story. The safe can be found when you climb the tower (there’s a military drop on the roof that might take you up there initially). As you climb look out for an office with two yellow light things hanging from the ceiling. The safe is in there with the safe code – 3 1 3 nearby on a note you can pick up.

Safe 5

– In a mission called Broadcast, you can discover this safe in the Garrison Electrical Station. There’s a note right by the safe itself stating that the combination is the ‘approximate Number of Pi’. Which, if your maths isn’t up to scratch, is 3.14, or 3 1 4.

Safe 6

– This safe code is not one you’ll get easily, so just use the combination 31 21 67 if you’re stuck. To actually uncover this in full, you’ll need to get and complete a side quest called the Deserter, and keep the map you get while doing it. That will give you a new quest, Treasure Hunter. If you follow that you’ll go to see a man called Albert who will give you some books to read that will eventually give you the phrase ‘Muddy Ground Water Tower Basement 31 21 67’. That both the location and code for the safe.

Safe 7

–You can find a Bazaar safe if you climb the tower. As you work your way up, look for some space inside, specifically this poster behind some crates. The safe is to the left, with a clue to the code behind the poster itself: “5 * 100 + 15 – 5”. That adds up to 5 1 0 so use that to open the safe.

Safe Codes

  1. The First Biomarker safe code 9 7 3
  2. South Horseshoe Moonshine safe – 14 9 2
  3. Houndfield Nightrunner hideout safe 1 0 1.
  4. Downtown thugs bandit camp safe code 3 1 3
  5. Garrison Electrical station 3 1 4
  6. Muddy Ground Water Tower Treasure hunt safe 31 21 67
  7. Bazaar safe code 5 1 0

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