ELDEN RING Rune Farm (21700+ Runes/Minute)

Welcome to our ELDEN RING Rune Farm guide. 21700+ Runes/minute (best early/mid-game Rune-farming run Dragonbarrow Fork).

ELDEN RING Rune Farm (21700+ Runes/Minute)

Get at least 21700 Runes, up to more than 25000 Runes per minute each run (speed/efficiency depends on your level, weapon and playing skill) at Dragonbarrow Fork in northern Caelid. Best farming method I have discovered for early to mid/late game.

Starting Point – Dragonbarrow Fork (Site of Grace)

I discovered this Rune-farming spot during launch day of playing Elden Ring. Two weeks later, I realized no one else has mentioned or made any videos regarding this, so I decided to make my own video today (also posting this as guide on Steam).

Without Golden Scarab, each of the 16 Guardians gives 1100 Runes. With the talisman equipped, you get 1356 Runes per kill, for a total of 21696 Runes per 1-minute run. If there are golden-eyed enemies, you get 5x more Runes, so you can get more than 25000 Runes if you are lucky.

In my 90 hours playing, currently in the final region of the game, I haven’t discovered any other farming spots that drop Runes as quickly and easily as this one at Dragonbarrow Fork in northern Caelid. This is for early to mid/late game farming! At very late game, there are better Rune-farming methods than this.

The efficiency of your runs may vary depending on your weapon equipped, playing skill and character stats.

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Tarnished, rise and let grace guide you. Use the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

• A Huge World Full of Excitement

A gigantic world where open lands containing various events meet with large dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs. During your travels, that satisfying sense of accomplishment awaits you from exploring the unknown and overcoming threats.

• Create Your Character

In addition to being able to customize your character’s appearance, you can also create any combination of weapons, armors and spells you can equip. You can shape your character according to your playing style, increase your physical strength to become a strong warrior, or become a magic master if you want.

• An Epic Drama Inspired by a Legend

It is a multi-layered story processed in parts. An epic drama where the various thoughts of the characters intersect in Lands Between.

• A Unique Online Experience That Indirectly Connects You To Others

Besides the multiplayer mode where you can interact directly with other players and travel together, the game also supports a unique asynchronous online element that will make you feel the presence of others.

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