ELEX Door and Safe Codes on Map

Unlock safes and doors in ELEX with our top-rated map guide, featuring the best codes for each location.

Welcome to our ELEX Door and Safe Codes on Map guide. This is the best safe codes and doors map out there. Click on the map to enlarge it. Look for the area where you have a blocked safe and enter the 4-digit code that we provide you.

ELEX Door and Safe Codes

A handy Map with the currently known Safe and Door Codes. These require no special skills, combinations or keys to open. They almost always contain only junk.

One inside Lone Tucker’s quarters behind the Old Liquor Factory

Keyed Safes

Keyed chests can only be opened with the correct key. They cannot be hacked or otherwise broken into.

Electronic Locks

Safes with this style of lock come in three levels:

  1. Level 1 : these have a relatively generous time limit and are easily hacked
  2. Level 2 :these have a shorter time limit and usually only contain junk items, though occasionally they have better contents
  3. Level 3 : these the strictest time limits and often (though not always!) contain valuable items

Safes Locations and Codes

  • There’s 2 huge shutter doors close to volcano center (right of that ‘4979’ number), code for both doors is = 7817
  • There is a safe in the same building as the Raider Control Jet. Xacor, north of the Sourhern Pass teleporter = 6725
  • A second missing safe code, for the safe at the bottom of the collapsed dome east of the world heart in central Tavar = 5731
  • Safe guarded by a Slime Drakon in the elevated parking lot between two partially buried cars. Just south-southeast of the Ruins of the Dome teleporter. The code is 1893
  • Tavar – West of Southern Cliffs Teleporter, west of the T-intersection in the road. Under a guard/watch tower just south of the road = 8106
  • Small safe in parking lot, behind car, Northwest of Tavar Converter = 4835
  • Safe in Hangar bay by Hanger Teleporter = 9352
  • On the ground floor of the large brick building south of Thorald (Combination: 1848, chalked on the wall by the staircase)
  • On the porch outside Walter’s place in Ignadon (Combination: 7531, chalked on the rear wall of the building)
  • Ground floor of the mutant-infested house. South of the farmhouse by the Small Farm teleporter (Combination: 3327, chalked on a table)

All Safe and Door Codes on the Map

ELEX Door and Safe Codes on the Map
ELEX Door and Safe Codes on Map

Plant Locations Map

Elixers will permanently increase your Health, Stamina, and Mana/PSI/Stim capacity. The most important ones are Health/Stamina. You can craft them using King’s Sorrels and Golden Whispers. These are unique plants that emit light during the night. The recipes for elixirs can be purchased from the Camp in the Center in Abessa after you’ve hired a Trader from Annie. However, they’re pretty expensive so you can also find the recipes in the world.

ELEX Plant Locations marked on the Map.
ELEX Door and Safe Codes on Map

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  1. Å Elofsson

    Just wanted to let you know, I found a safe near the southern cliffs teleporter – where the 3 domes are, there’s a watchtower outside with a safe underneath. The code there was 8106, atleast for me.

  2. Couple of these are just fucking wrong. people are correcting it in comments, years later you have not ammended the corrections and continue to confuse, baffle and annoy people with wrong guides like these. as if it wasnt bad enough I have to play foresnisics with pixels with the very low quality image of the map used

  3. Hello, there is one safe code missing from the map, it’s in Ignadon, the safe is in a single house above the houses with the safe coded 5976. The missing code is 1840.

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