Elite Dangerous – High Grade Emission 3.3

High Grade Emission 3.3 With 3.3. it´s much easier to farm high grade materials than in […]

High Grade Emission 3.3

With 3.3. it´s much easier to farm high grade materials than in past. There’s a trick, which i show you guys.

In the system

You know what you are looking for and have choosen the right system for the material.
Now, we have to fly to the Nav-Beacon which is very close to the sun.

Something to Scan

Once arrived we have to scan it like a ship.

What’s next ?

Activate your FSD and reduce your speed once inside the system to min. , because there´s still something to do and we don´t want to hit something.

On the left pannel you see your current system with planets, stars, other systems.

What we are looking for is SET-FILTERS.

Let’s make some changes

Once clicked we have many options now, but we need only one.

Signal Sources

Everything else has to turned off.

It’s magic

If we go back and look into the panel again we see only Signal Sources in the whole system. Also our High Grade Emission.

Something Else to Know ?


  • Not all systems got a Nav-Beacon.
  • Works in every system with a Nav-Beacon.
  • Sometimes your High Grade Emission can be far away or you´ll find more than 1.
  • It´s also possible there´s no High Grade Emission. If that happens choose the system.
  • Keep always an eye on the time. In 3.3. USS disappear when the time runs out.
  • If your target is far away (ex. 100.000 ls) and disappear in few mins. Don´t try it. Choose an another one or change the system.
  • If there´s no one High Grade Emission left, change the system.
  • Not every High Grade Emission got exactly what you´re looking for. Ex. You look for Military
  • Supercapacitors in an imperial system in war times. If you´re unlucky you´ll find only Imperial
  • Shields and no Military Supercapacitors.

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