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Full Tips and Tricks

A carefully-worded set of hints and nudges, and a few outright spoilers, for the main plot and all endings.

General Tips

  • If inanimate objects are named, you can click on them, and you should click on them all at least once.
  • Resist hitting the “Reset” button early on. Even if you know where things are heading, you might be surprised, and every unique ending can provide new information.
  • Go ahead and abuse the fast-forward. I know for me that hanging around waiting for things to happen led me to try other things in the meantime, and those experiments sometimes derailed each other. It’s okay to leave Ophelia standing around for days waiting for that right moment to try something.
  • On Sunday, if you don’t have other places to be, try to stay in the Great Hall. If you get caught in the conflict outside you’ll miss the actual ending for that timeline.
    The “instant” text speed setting exists for a reason.

Main Plotline

The central storyline, revolving around the “why” of the timeline resets, requires you to take actions over multiple timelines and reach multiple endings. Some of these are one-time-only events, or make permanent alterations to the timeline, so they’ll override other events and endings.


If you’re having difficulty with the main plotline, here are some extremely unspecific and low-spoiler hints:

  • Search the library.
  • Ask EVERYONE about the history of Elsinore, especially dead royalty and nobility.
  • Your brother will help you follow your mother.
  • Your father is too stubborn to be persuaded.
  • Are you sure you’ve asked EVERYONE?
  • You don’t need to stop the war, just delay it.


I’m still going to try to be vague, to keep some of the surprise, but there will definitely be spoilers below.

Your first task is to uncover the spy so you don’t die on Saturday. There are multiple ways to get there, but the key event is to be at the docks at 3 AM to watch the meetup. You’ll need to get the spy arrested at least once.

Lurk around the barracks after dark to figure out the gate guard’s secret so you can freely access the area outside the castle. You’ll want to take Quince up on ALL his offers. I’d also recommend letting the entire story play out at least once without interfering, following Hamlet, so Ophelia learns some important plot elements (that the player likely already knows). If you do either as Brit or Irma asks once, you’ll have permanent access to the Queen’s room.

At this point you need to gather information. Most of this is accomplished simply by asking everyone everything pertaining to your mother, Queen Astrid, and Simona. When you find a door you can’t enter, ask Laertes. Your father cannot be talked out of burning his papers, so you’ll have to stop him by force.

Another crucial piece of information will only appear if you navigate a timeline in which Hamlet dies before both the King and Queen. There are multiple ways to accomplish this, though the easiest is to convince Laertes to stay and then otherwise don’t interfere. You’ll know it’s the right ending because it finishes in the graveyard.

The final piece of the puzzle is to ask Othello about Simona, which gives you a clear goal: be in the inn on Sunday sans invasion. You don’t have to stop the war, only delay it. This can be accomplished by befriending Brit. You must solve both of her problems and then find her in the inn when she’s drinking and take her up on her offer. In the next timeline, you’ll be able to delay the invasion.

Obtaining the book marks the end of the main mission. At this point, you have your choice of endings.

Endings – The Book of Fate

The book offers 11 possible endings. This includes the default ending, in which you shuffle off this mortal coil. The rest must be experienced at least once in order to be selectable in the book. Be aware that once you select an ending from the book, your save file will be erased and you’ll have to play the whole game through again to experience a different ending.

Fairly Blatant Hints

  • Sacrifice PERMANENCE for PASSION
    That barkeep is an interesting fellow.
  • Sacrifice PRESTIGE for FAMILY
    Can you convince your father and brother to leave Elsinore with you?
    The open sea calls to you.
  • Sacrifice INNOCENCE for POWER
    Maybe Simona had the right idea.
  • Sacrifice FAMILY for LEGACY
    Can you give Hamlet a second chance?
  • Sacrifice REALITY for JOY
    Tell the truth.
  • Sacrifice PEACE for SURVIVAL
    You can keep your enemy jailed if everyone survives.
  • Sacrifice EVERYONE for MYSELF
    Let them do as they please.
    Guildenstern is dead!
  • Sacrifice INDEPENDENCE for PEACE
    Perhaps the prince can be persuaded into peace.

Full Explanations

There will be spoilers here, but again, I’m going to try to minimize how much I spoil so you can enjoy the story yourself.

Several endings require ensuring that Claudius dies early in the timeline. There are multiple ways to make this happen, and most will work for any of the endings. If you’re having difficulty finding one, my personal favorite requires following the Innocence/Power plotline until you have an opportunity to check the vase in the King’s room. Give the resulting information to Gertrude at the start of a new timeline.

  • Sacrifice STRUGGLE for RELIEF
    The default ending. You die.
  • Sacrifice PERMANENCE for PASSION
    Follow “The Barkeep and Me” to its conclusion by saving and then romancing Othello. (If you’re having trouble with the saving part, the people you need to warn are the two named guardsmen.)
  • Sacrifice PRESTIGE for FAMILY
    Have Laertes stay and get Brit arrested. Have Quince perform a play based on the hearsay of Hamlet killing your father.
    Tell the King his plan will fail in order to persuade Claudius to send you on the ship with Hamlet. After the takeover, two men will start chatting: you must catch all three of their conversations. Then cooperate fully with the captain.
  • Sacrifice INNOCENCE for POWER
    By following Claudius, you can learn something he’s keeping from Gertrude. At the beginning of a new timeline, tell this to Gertrude. Follow Claudius and keep saying yes. (You may be required to delay the invasion, I haven’t checked if this works without delaying.)
  • Sacrifice FAMILY for LEGACY
    Ensure that Claudius dies. Meanwhile and afterwards, renew your relationship with Hamlet. Have at least one sensible character give Hamlet advice (Horatio, Brit, Polonius, NOT Rosencrantz or Guildenstern). Be in the Great Hall at the end of Sunday.
  • Sacrifice REALITY for JOY
    Convince your father and/or Claudius that you’ve lost your mind. (You’ll probably hit this one by accident, it’s not hard to do.)
  • Sacrifice PEACE for SURVIVAL
    This ending can only be found by arresting Fortinbras and then keeping everyone alive until the end of Sunday. Note that you can’t allow someone to die and then try to arrest him; either the arrest will fail or Bernardo will refuse to try. To preserve the outright spoiler, I’ve placed the full walkthrough in its own section.
  • Sacrifice EVERYONE for MYSELF
    This is the default ending if you wait in the Great Hall at the end of Sunday and everyone is either dead or refuses to surrender.
    As early as possible, warn Guildenstern she’s going to die. Do everything she asks. Make sure to tell both Hamlet and Rosencrantz. Again, get on the ship with the three of them and cooperate with the pirates but keep an eye on Guildenstern. When you get back to Denmark, wait with them in the courtyard.
  • Sacrifice INDEPENDENCE for PEACE
    Ensure that Claudius dies. Have at least one sensible character give Hamlet advice (Horatio, Brit, Polonius, NOT Rosencrantz or Guildenstern). Be in the Great Hall at the end of the day on Sunday.

Keeping Everyone Alive

No more vagueness here. If you’re having trouble with PEACE for SURVIVAL, here’s the full walkthrough for the most difficult ending.

First, you need to have gone through several other endings in order to obtain key hearsay:

  • Read the note on Polonius’ desk to find out about the missing lute.
  • Witness Hamlet kill your father by obtaining the key to the Queen’s chambers and hiding there before the play on Friday.
  • Befriend Lady Brit in order to locate Fortinbras (which you should have done already for the main plot).
  • Shatter Gertrude and romance Claudius (Innocence for Power route) so that you can check the vase in Claudius’ chambers and find the poison.

Then, on the morning of a new timeline, do the following: (technically you don’t have to do exactly this but if you’re reading this you probably want a step-by-step at this point)

  • When your father finds you on the landing, first warn him that Hamlet will kill him, and then tell him about the poison stash.
  • Go down the hall to Hamlet. Ask him about the missing lute.
  • Go downstairs to Bernardo in the Guard House. First warn him that Hamlet will kill your father, then tell him about Fortinbras’ hideout, then ask him about the lute.
  • Go to the docks. Tell Laertes that Lady Brit is upset.
  • Now you can hit fast forward. You’ll be interrupted several times by various announcements but as long as you wait inside Elsinore (NOT in the streets) you should be fine. The biggest risk is that sometimes the final conversation of the lute plot doesn’t happen, and Laertes kills Hamlet, in which case try waiting until after the Thursday morning court to tell Bernardo about the lute.

The Final Ending

You may have noticed that there are still some interesting hearsay options regarding Quince. There’s more to be done here, although be warned that there is a Point of No Return after which the other endings will no longer be selectable.

The secret ending requires the completion of two tasks: convince the ghost to turn against Quince, and then catch Hamlet on Thursday after he meets Quince but before midnight and give him the same information. Follow Hamlet’s plan. Enjoy.

When you next have control, wait for Quince to find you. (Since this is a one-time event I haven’t been able to check but for me this happened when I waited for Quince at his morning show at the street theater.) As the many bold text warnings suggest, once you start down this path, you’ll hit a point where you can no longer select the endings in the Book.

If you have trouble, try paying attention to who tries to stop or reveal you and who you can leave for later, and which groups tend to form at which stages. You’ll need to leave as many non-assailants as possible for the end. Generally the men will attack and the women will cower, but there are definite exceptions.

12 thoughts on “Elsinore Tips & Tricks”

  1. I look at hella yuri curator they said that you can get involve with 2 of the female npc romantically? If you know how to succeed in that would you please educated me? I have been attempting the mechanic many time but the odd in my success are low.

    1. You can romance Grace, the pirate queen, if you first acquire the information that “the ship plot fails” by following the original timeline through to its conclusion. Then, follow the standard timeline but make sure to tell Claudius that the ship plot fails (either before or after the actually plans it, but before the ship leaves.) This will allow you to board the ship to England as long as you go to the docks when the ship is leaving. When the ship is set upon by pirates, listen to all three conversations of the crew members and then talk to Grace and follow her story to the end. Tell her about Hamlet’s mutiny plot (not sure if this is required by probably is; I just haven’t tried it without warning her yet.)

      I don’t know how to romance any other female character; the only romance-able characters I’ve discovered thus far are Grace, Othello, Hamlet, and Claudius.

      1. UPDATE:
        I figured out you actually can romance another female character, Guildenstern! You do this by obtaining “the ship plot fails” heresay and following the guide above for obtaining the “Responsibility for Indulgence” ending. Be sure to meet Guildenstern aboard the ship when she asks!

  2. I think you may be missing a detail for prestige for family. While I have gotten both Polonius and Laertes to agree that moving to their estate is the best course of action (and agreed when prompted) the day continues and all die. I am trying to find out which element I am missing.

    1. Try following Bernardo around, specifically when he goes to town. You should find a secret there that makes him protect you from Claudius when confronted.

  3. How do I befriend Lady Brit? I told Laertes to stay behind for her and got her her art supplies. What do I do next?

    1. A bit late but you can do two things to befriend Lady Brit.
      1. Art supplies
      2. Talk to Queen about cheering her up
      3. Go to the well in the gardens where Quince is

      This game is ridiculous and makes me paranoid haha, but overall had fun. Err.. I wish I had a better ending though.

  4. I want to clarify what it takes to get the Sacrifice INDEPENDENCE for PEACE ending. It took me way too long trying what OP said and troubleshooting. Edited from OP, my own guide for getting this ending:

    Ensure that Claudius dies. Tell Bernardo who the spy is so she is arrested. DO NOT rekindle your romance with Hamlet when prompted. He must remain single to get this ending. Have at least one sensible character give Hamlet advice (Horatio, Polonius, NOT Rosencrantz or Guildenstern). Be in the Great Hall at the end of the day on Sunday.

  5. For Sacrifice INNOCENCE for POWER, I can confirm that you do NOT need to delay the invasion for this to work. I was able to do it well before I had enough pieces to delay the invasion.

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