Emily Is Away – Secret Icons

Emily Is Away Secret Icons

Welcome to our Emily Is Away Secret Icons guide! This will tell you the best way to get extra icons that will be accessible in the? tab alongside the years while choosing your mate symbol. To enter these codes, you should reset all advance and enter the codes when composing in your screen name. Entering these screen names will open individual symbols. (Your first name shouldn’t be the main name of the character).

How to Get The Icons used by Other Characters?

“Her Story” iconsH3RST0RY
“The Binding of Isaac” iconsIsaac666
Arcade Fire iconarcadefire
Bioshock iconBioshock
Borderlands iconBorderlands
Brad’s iconsBradDarko23
Crash Bandicoot iconCrash
Daft Punk icondaftpunk
Dodger iconDodger
Doge iconmuchusername
Dota iconDota
Elegy iconDeadworld
Emily’s Coldplay iconemerly35
Emily’s Snow Patrol iconsnowpatrol
flowey the flower!undertale
FNaF iconfivenights
Half-Life iconHalflife
Hotline Miami iconhotline
Icon and AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA achivement (Steam Only)JohnCena
In Kappa We TrustKappa
Interpol iconinterpol
It looks like you’re unlocking buddy iconsClippy
It’s dangerous to go with out this buddy iconZelda
Job Simulator iconsJobBot
Kingdom Hearts iconkingdom
Makes your buddy icon look like the Vault 111 from Fallout 4!vaultboy
Markiplier’s iconMarkimooper6
Minecraft iconMinecraft
Modest Mouse iconmodestmouse
Morrowind iconmorrowind
Nine Inch Nails iconnineinch
Nyan Cat iconnyancat
PewDiePie iconPewDiePie
Pokeball iconpokemon
Radiohead iconRadiohead
Rust iconrust
Sigur Ros iconsigurros
Stanley Parable icon and easter eggHerStory
The green eye iconJackseptic
The Walking Dead iconZombie
Travis’ iconsTravisDaMan
Unlocks ALL buddy iconsPassword123
Vice City iconvice
With cake!Chell

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