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Ender Lilies: Detailed Maps %100 [All Areas]

Ender Lilies Detailed Maps guide! Stay tuned for updates. Redeem them promptly, as they might expire unexpectedly.

Welcome to our Ender Lilies Area Maps guide! We’ll maintain you upgrade with added information once they are released. You should ensure to redeem these asap due to the fact that you’ll never ever understand when they can run out.

Ender Lilies Detailed Full Map

Detailed Ender Lilies Full Map

Area Maps

All areas now have maps.

  • Clarified some connections.
  • Split Cliffside Hamlet into East and West halves.
  • Scaled all maps to the same 30% reduction from the originals.
  • Fixed item placements.
  • Added Findings to Verboten Domain.

Any mistakes, I apologise for. Please let me know and I’ll fix them in a timely-ish manner. Mostly I will be moving on from Ender Lilies soon, however, as I have 100%ed the game and completed all achievements.

Individual Area Maps

Each of these took around 4 hours to make, and involved piecing together a lot of screenshots in a similar fashion to how I did for my Carrion maps a few months ago.

Because I used my 100%, endgame save file to do this for ease of getting around, all doors were opened, all switches and levers were flicked, and all pustulant walls were broken.

I’ve put all the red pustulant walls back in by hand — both the darker ones that don’t require much force and the larger glowing ones that require a fully-charged spectral lance charge. (At least, I think I’ve got them all. Let me know if I missed any.)

I’ve also been through and added the Findings on in the correct places, though these might be tricky to see at the scale Steam allows.

PS. The numbers don’t necessarily indicate an order of progression — though with MY terrible level of skill, they’re probably in the order I’d tackle them.

Cathedral Map

White Parish Maps

Cliffside Hamlet Map

Witch’s Thicket Map

Catacombs Map

Twin Spires & Hinterlands Map

Stockade Map

Ruined Castle Map

Verboten Domain & The Abyss Map

The Early Access Map

There are a handful of items previously thought inaccessible that are possible to obtain using specific combinations of dodging, jumping, attacks, and cancelling. Check the many videos posted in the comments below to help you out.

PS. I’ve tried the technique myself and I’m bad at it, so these are not my videos.


There are a handful of items previously thought inaccessible. That are possible to obtain using specific combinations of dodging, jumping, attacks, and cancelling.

We have not been able to include in the map the combinations that each object requires. If there is an object that you do not know how to access, we recommend you visit the youtube channel of demajen, author of the map. Where you can find hundreds of guides and gameplays with the information you need.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you. And that although we have had to remove the map from the guide, since we could not leave it at an optimal resolution due to its size, it is still your preferred tool for the game.

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  1. I am stock in that las blue area from the early map below, in it I can’t read the red letters I don’t know if it’s my poor internet connection but what does it say? Please I need to get to the door before it closes. I have jumped to see if go faster but my collected skills are many.😩

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