ENDLESS Dungeon Character Tier List

Assemble a crew of shipwrecked heroes and embark on a space station adventure. Explore character details and strengths in our ENDLESS Dungeon Character Tier List guide!

Gather a team of shipwrecked heroes, dive into a long-abandoned space station. Let the adventure begin! So what are the characters in this adventure? The characteristics of the characters, what are the points they are good at? You will find the answers to all these questions in our ENDLESS Dungeon Character Tier List guide!

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ENDLESS Dungeon Character Tier List

This is just a small list of tiers that we made with the idea of the actual “meta” of the game in Coop mode. This ENDLESS Dungeon Character Tier List does not take into account the gameplay alone.

Tier List for Co-op Character

The Best Team

Shroom provide the heal and maitain the group high in life, Comrades give a lot of tempo with his turret, bring good damage from them tempo and repair the generator.Blaze is the best Damage option in the game for now, can be replace by Cartie or Zed tbh but it will probably not be as effective because of all his qualities.


Shroom is the only healer the game as for now and can make you save a lot of food so you can have better upgrade for your other character.


Comrade is a character that can repair the generator and help you also deal better with the waves and the ressources managements.


Blaze is the best damage dealer, his ultimate clear most of the map with great damage and his explosive mine can give you a lot of space. In top of that he is a heavy weapon character just for this reason one of the best damage.

Good Damage Dealer

Great Character


Zed is a really good option as a damage, but the really strong thing about her is the ultimate she boost the cadency of all the team mate in the zone she create, and give you tons of damage for that, her ability is also great for making damage. She is really close to Blaze in terms of damage but in my opinion not as OP.


Cartie is more like a controler she have the best stun in the game so far with only 4 or 5 second cooldown for 3 or 4 second of stun for 6 or 7 ennemies which is great. Her ultimate deal great aoe damage and can clear room fast if used well. She also is a heavy weapon user which make her of course a good damage dealer. Again Blaze is probably a bit stronger.

Situationnal Character


Our beloved Sweeper is far from bad, but he is not the best support, the real problem is that you have to choose between the comfort of having shroom beside you or the damage that can provide our 3 heavy weapon character mentionned above. He can be the greatest help for Comrades with his passive buff for turret his ability is a slow in aoe who can shred the armor of ennemy and the ultimate is the same but in a circle aoe. The problem is not really his kit but the fact you lost damage or survivability taking him. Still a great choice but you have to adapt.


Bunker is the tank of this game, he give great temporazing, can sustain alone, and attracte ennemy to him. Said like this it’s pretty good but unfortunatly the same problem as Sweeper goes here, you will lack of damage with a bunker if you want the two best support of the game. But i think that with Fassie, he can be a great option since Jassie is a damage buffer.


Well after some hours on it i’ll can give my word on it. Fassie is great even really strong, but he need to be with Bunker and with a damage, because when Bunker take damage get a damage buff adding the cadency and damage buff from Fassie ability, Bunker become a really good damage dealer and tank. I still put him in the situationnal tier, he is not a all rounder that can goes in any team. He is i think dependant of Bunker, the trio Cartie Bunker Fassie look like a really good alternative and a strong team but not as consistent as Comrade Shroom (+any dps).


This tier list is my opinion only you can disagree i’ll be happy to talk about what you think about all of this, I belive for now that a good composition or the easiest way to get to finish the game is to play a team with 1 Dps and 2 Support. In my experience for now the game is not that hard to beat but there is team that i will not recommand at all.

Thanks for reading all this guide, it’s actually the first one i’m making and i really hope you enjoyed it, i’m working on a tier list for weapon and turret currently, that will get out in few days.
I’m really sorry for my english i tried my best to stay intelligible.

Have great games and may the Endless dungeon be mercifull with you Goodbye !

Written by WnH_Hideko

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