Endless Dungeon Unlock All Characters

To be successful in Endless Dungeon, unlocking characters and having unique skills are quite important. Each character has their own features and skills that will lead you to success. In this Endless Dungeon Unlock All Characters guide, we will show you how to unlock each character. First, master the skills to dominate the game!

Endless Dungeon Unlock All Characters

By following this Endless Dungeon Unlock All Characters guide, you’ll unlock all characters and harness their unique abilities to navigate the challenges of Endless Dungeon. Whether you’re a new player or looking to up your game, this guide will be your ultimate resource for character mastery. Start your journey to victory today!

How to Unlock Characters

  1. Sweeper: Available from the beginning, no need to unlock.
  2. Zed: Available from the beginning, no need to unlock.
  3. Bunker: Available from the beginning, no need to unlock.
  4. Shroom: Unlock by entering and completing Devotion Garden.
  5. Cartie: Unlock by entering and conquering Labor Colony.
  6. Blaze: Unlock by entering and overcoming Procedural Factory.
  7. Fassie: Unlock by entering and succeeding in Headquarters.
  8. Comrade: Unlock by entering and mastering Transcendence Center.

Track your character progress by accessing the Archive section in the Saloon after your first run.

Character Skills

Each character in Endless Dungeon brings a unique set of skills to the table. Understanding and utilizing these skills is the key to victory.

  1. Sweeper: Slows down enemies and boosts turret fire rate.
  2. Zed: Gains buffs after defeating enemies, becoming stronger with each victory.
  3. Bunker: Attracts enemies and buffs allies when they attack them.
  4. Shroom: Heals allies when defeating enemies, ensuring your team’s survival.
  5. Cartie: Excels at dealing damage and buffing the Bot, a valuable asset in battles.
  6. Blaze: Deploys mines on the ground to halt enemy advances.
  7. Fassie: Forces enemies to attack each other, creating chaos on the battlefield.
  8. Comrade: Adds extra turrets and repairs Resource Generators, bolstering your defenses.

Master these character skills to create powerful synergies within your team, and conquer the endless dungeon.

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