Enshrouded: Best Base Locations for Building

In Enshrouded, there are numerous areas where you can establish your base. In this guide, we’ll share the best location for build up your first base and also provide you with the best 5 locations to upgrade your base later on. We look forward to hearing your comments on our detailed guide for establishing a base in Enshrouded.

What it Takes to Build a Best Base

Your initial base is crucial, providing ample resources like Wood, Stone, Berries, Twigs, Resin, and access to a valley corrupted by the Shroud. The surrounding enemies drop valuable items for crafting, making it an ideal starting point.

Methods for Building the Best Base in Enshrouded
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Flame Altar

Strengthening Flame Altar Flames boosts your ability to construct additional Flame Altars, creating a fast travel network. Elevate your Altars for efficient gliding and explore distant landmarks with ease. Placing Altars strategically helps during NPC rescue missions and exploration.

How to Destroy Flame Altar

As you progress, you might need to relocate your Flame Altars. Interact with the Altar and select “Extinguish Flame” to remove its effect and structures. This allows you to place another Flame Altar in a different location, ensuring flexibility in your fast travel network.

Choose Plains for Your First Base

After completing the tutorial, you’ll receive a quest directing you to the “Plains for First Base” on your map. While it might seem like a mere suggestion, trust me, this is the place to be, and here’s why.

  • Resource Advantage: The Shroud lurks everywhere, and the Fel creatures in the vicinity can make your solo journey a real challenge. Crafting essential items like weapons, armor, and healing supplies becomes a necessity to navigate this perilous first area effectively.
  • No Time to Wait: While it might cross your mind to scout for a “better” spot, you’ll need a base to craft and progress. Delaying could leave you vulnerable to the dangers of Enshrouded. Consider this your starter base, a temporary hub to get things rolling.
  • Availability: The Plains offer a spacious, mostly flat landscape, making it an excellent canvas for your inaugural base. The area is abundant with the resources you’ll need – trees to fell, stones to mine, and creatures to hunt for furs and meats.

Best Locations for Base Building

  1. Ferndale
    • Located near an Elixir Well, rapidly spawning enemies, and a town full of raiders, Ferndale offers a dangerous yet rewarding base location. Rich in resources and excellent for leveling up quickly, it’s an ideal spot for those seeking a dynamic and chaotic gameplay experience.
  2. Flint Mine
    • With mining and combat being key to leveling up, the Small Flint Mine provides easy access to Flintstone for crafting arrows. Close proximity to a Shroud Root enhances the experience gain and unlocks more of the map for exploration.
  3. Salt Mines
    • Setting up near a Salt Mine ensures a near-unlimited source of Salt and proximity to the Shroud for valuable materials. With access to Shroud Root and Critter Mine nearby, you’ll have exceptional XP farming opportunities.
  4. Cinder Vault
    • As the starting point in Embervale, this location is recommended by the tutorial for a reason. Flat ground, proximity to resource-rich areas, and a low-level environment make it a suitable choice for a beginner’s base.
  5. Ceremony Hill
    • Surprisingly, the area around an elite enemy’s spawn point, Vukah Ceremony Hill, makes for an excellent base location. Flat terrain, open space, and abundant resources make it perfect for building up and leveling quickly.

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