Entropy Zero 2 Rare Achievement Guide

Welcome to our Entropy Zero 2 Rare Achievement Guide. This guide will show you Entropy Zero 2 Rare Achievements.

Entropy Zero 2 Rare Achievement Guide

This guide will show you Entropy Zero 2 Rare Achievements.

Radio Recon

Objective: Find the 19 audio recordings at Arbeit 1.

How to get: As the objective suggests, you have to find 19 audio recordings. The recordings can be ONLY found during Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, Chapter 2 has 5 audio recordings, some of the recordings will be only accessible after pressing the button to open the airlock. The 14 remaining audio recordings appear in Chapter 3, most of the recordings being done by Clone Cop, the final recording (If you are doing the recordings in order) will be the rebel argument recording.

Closet Clearer

Objective: Find and open all of the Wilson closets.

How to get: If you are carrying Wilson around past Chapter 3, you can find some locations where you can use Wilson to open certain doors, revealing “Wilson closets”, the said closets have supplies in them, usually having HP, Battery charges, and ammo. There are few Wilson closets that will troll you, so be ready for anything.

There are: 3 Closets in Chapter 4, 2 (Or 3) Closets in Chapter 4a, and 5 (Or 6) Closets in Chapter 5.

Temporal Troubles – Entropy Zero 2 Rare Achievement Guide

Objective: Find and kill all 4 instances of the Temporal Crab.

How to get: While playing through the game, you can encounter up to 4 of these enemies called Temporal Crab. The Temporal Crabs act as a bonus enemy, it does not give anything other than progress to this achievement. The first one is force encounter, while the 3 rest are hidden.

The first one that you will find and be forced to fight happens in Chapter 4a. After pressing a button to open the gate, walking out of the booth will spawn bunch of headcrabs and a single Temporal Crab. You have to kill it in order to progress.

The second one you can find is at the beginning of Chapter 5, before spotting Judith, climb over rubble of rocks, on the left side you should find a moving supply crate, destroying it will spawn the Temporal Crab.

The third one you can find is in the same chapter. After passing the mine puzzle, you will find a 3 way section, going to the middle you can find, once again, a moving supply crate that will have the Temporal Crab.

The fourth one you can find is in the same chapter, once again. When crossing from building to building, you will cross a street with dumpsters on the left side and one of them will have a supply crate that will have the Temporal Crab. If you have Wilson, he will make a comment about reaching the place, a good way to know if you have reached the said place.

Now there are two of them!

Objective: Kill both of the gonomes in the Xentarium.

How to get: During Chapter 4, you will take a shortcut to get to Albeit 2 faster, during that you will go through a Xen-infested place. After switching power back on, 2 Gonomes will spawn. Find them and kill them. Do note that these are the same Gonomes from Chapter 3.

Note: DO NOT use the xen grenades, if you kill them using the grenades you won’t get the achievement.

Far Distant Eyes – Entropy Zero 2 Rare Achievement Guide

Objective: Witness the secret temporal overlay in the monitoring room.

How to get: When exiting the monitoring place fully, 3650 will make a comment on not wanting to go back there ever again. Once he says that, go back inside the place and you will trigger a secret vision.

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