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Error143 Game Password List

Welcome to our Error143 Game Password List guide. This guide will show you Friend PC Backdoor passwords, Answers and Breaks – Marriage, Good and Bad Endings.

Error143 Game Password List

Friend PC Backdoor passwords, Answers & Endings – Marriage, Good and Bad Ending!

Error143 Game Password
Error143 Game Password

Friend PC Backdoor

These are all Friend PC Backdoor passwords:

  • Crocnapping: 4PPLEB0TT0MJ43ANS
  • Odreru: AMEN
  • Jennyan: LOSER
  • Tofu: SWAGLORD
  • Tora: SOUP
  • Mationette: HOTDOG
  • Faranesque: PASSWORD1
  • Chochi: 99B50D
  • Nine: 12345
  • Xavi: LURKER
  • Ma-Rina: KINIKILIG
  • Ohn: BLUBBU

Answers & Endings – Error143 Game Password List

Your answers will influence the ending you unlock, as there are three possible endings

Marriage Ending Answers – Micah – Error 211

Right after you meet Micah, and right after the line of text “I’d never say no to a rematch” you must reply with the password “Marry Me” (obviously without the quotes).

You just need to know that password or answer to unlock the Error 211 ending also known as marriage ending or Micah ending

Bad Ending Answers – Error 1

This ending can be achieved on both day 1 and day 3

  • Day 1: Right after Micah’s gift you should reply > “Whatever stalker ;p” & “I feel uncomfortable”
  • Day 3: During the call with Micah you must answer “In your dreams” & “Yes, I want you to stop”
  • Just from the answers you will have already deduced that you are not going to get anything good. But if you already beat the game and want to get all the endings, this is one of them

Good Ending Answers – Error 143

The only thing you have to do to get this ending is to complete the game without using any of the answers from the previous two endings.

About Error143 Game

You video call Micah. It doesn’t even finish ringing once before he picks up. He scrunches his face up while he says, “What’s up, loser?” as he tries to hold back a yawn. “Why are you calling me at 3 a.m.? Shouldn’t you be sleeping by now? Like the angel you are.”

It takes a couple of blinks for him to register your face. But once he does, a wry smile creeps onto his face. “Don’t tell me you miss me,” he says, raising his brow.

A jolt of butterflies rushes throughout your body when he says that, and you’re embarrassed to admit it. But it’s late. And you’re tired. And your brain short circuits…which is why you have a dumb and flustered look on your face. It takes him a second to register what’s happening.

Once he understands, he starts blushing and cups his face with both hands. Between his fingers, a whimpered sound comes through, “Don’t tell me you actu—.”

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