Escape Simulator The First Adventure & Adfundum

Welcome to our Escape Simulator The First Adventure & Adfundum guide. This guide will show you a step-by-step guide for your first adventure. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Escape Simulator game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Escape Simulator guide.

Escape Simulator The First Adventure & Adfundum

Step by step guide for the first adventure!

Let’s Start

1. First grab the golden key under the pillow.

2. Turn both wall lamps to open the painting. Behind it turn on the first and the third switch to get electric power.

3. Use the golden key on both cabinet doors by the desk. You find a envelope with a paper in it, a notepad and ten alchemy book’s. Combine the informations and you got the key 3 5 4 2.

4. Use the key on the chest and take out the four small stone statues.

5. Put them on the wooden board on the dest and push the butten to get the keycard.

6. Now look under the dest and you find a secret switch (only works if power is on). Push it to open the right drawer. Inside you find a book and an other secret switch. Push it to open the left drawer.

7. Combine the storry of the book an the tarot cards and you get 3 5 2 / 6 8 7.

8. Take the golden ram and go to the grandfather clock and set the time to 09:55 . You find the time on the broken clock in the bookshelf.

9. Now put the golden ram into the glassvitrine.

10. Go into the new room and take the katana sword. Put it on the katana stand on the wall.

11. Here comes the most tricky part of it. By the dest you see now a calcboard with four maths on it.

How it work:

  • 6+8=14 1+4=5
  • 1+3=4
  • 5+2+9+2=18 1+8=9
  • 1+4+7+8=20 2+0=2
  • Solution: 5 4 9 2

12. Go to the chest and open it. You get a key.

13. Last step, go to the Door, use the key card and the key and youre done.

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