Escape Simulator Walkthrough for Edgar Allan Poe

Welcome to our Escape Simulator Walkthrough for Edgar Allan Poe guide. General : Look around a bit more first. The puzzles are meant to be difficult sometimes.

Escape Simulator Walkthrough for Edgar Allan Poe

Rope Box

There is an additional hint in the small crate on top of the “heavy” crate.

The hints say it is really simple. Ask a 6 year old child about the 4 ropes on the wall and it will give you the solution instantly.

8888 (insert facepalm) Solution.


The right tool to move the crate is not in the tool box.

The crowbar is above a shelf Solution

Suitcase Lock 1 Digit – Walkthrough for Edgar Allan Poe

The letter is hidden behind a “veil” it is behind the cloth on the shelf

5 Solution

Suitcase Lock 4 Digit

The tag shows a crate. That is where the combination is located.

Count the depicted objects in the WHOLE room.

One of them exists more than 9 times!

6412 Solution.

Oblong Box

What is most important to the guy? look at his stuff in the suitcase.

Look more closely at the picture.

The date is the code. american notation: month, day, year.

81281 Solution.

They want items that represent the story behind the weird behavior of the passenger.

The picture of the passenger in the crate has a hint.

Place the two pictures on the pedestals, with the heart in the middle Solution.

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