Escape the Backrooms: Part 4 Walkthrough

If you are considering how to navigate through Part 4 of Escape the Backrooms, you should check out the details in this walkthrough guide.

Escape the Backrooms Part 4 Guide

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You can actually go down the corridor now! Head on down and then at the end take a left to the elevator, which looks like it needs a code to activate, guess we should get looking around the immediate area.

Looks like some tickets nearby are the key!

Escape the Backrooms 3999

Now to just enjoy this elevator ride.

Level 0.2

This place again? We really cant escape.

Mind the Bone Snatcher in the dark tunnel, it’ll grab you if you try to cross the area marked off by signs. So we’ll need to head left to the residential area, however, just looking around shows the doors are all locked from the other side which you’ll need to noclip below to get to them. The traffic lights will indicate if there is danger below, so check them before hopping down.

Welcome to the Red Level 0. Smilers and skin stealers are down here roaming the halls, and more will appear the longer you take to get out of here. Grab a flashlight and check behind you frequently, as they’ll disappear when they get close enough to your light source. To unlock the doors, simply open them in the Red area then hop back to the normal area to get the boxes inside, which can be activated by left clicking when the arrow is in the yellow bar.

You’ll need to get all of them to activate the switch that’ll keep out the Bone Snatcher, though only for a short time, so you’ll need to run across as soon as the gate closes.

The Snackrooms

This place looks rather fancy, though best step off that elevator quickly, and someone’s knocking on the door so we should let them in. Stock up here, it’s the best chance you’ll get.

This level starts with a short puzzle, simply check the page next to the gramophone for which keys you need to hit on the typewriter behind the bar. These were mine

Escape the Backrooms The Snackrooms

Once the doors open head out to the next level.

Level !~!

Another run level, with a banger of a theme.

To start, theres a Meg pressure plate on the left that’ll open the gate to the lever, so head down the right hall to find a switch which will begin the chase.

Today you’ll be running from this guy:

Escape the Backrooms Level !~!

The doors will open to try to slow you down, so dodge carefully and RUN! Once you get down the stairs, follow the blue light to the chainsaw, and heading out the exit door will begin the chase again. Spin around and saw open that door thats nearby quickly then sprint across the courtyard. Head through and job down the hole to enter the next phase.

Escape the Backrooms Level !~!

As soon as you drop down head down the only hall that doesnt have the monster and take a left before coming to a big room. Run around the bookshelves and take the stairs down. Take another left and keep running the blue lights are tricks, so instead take a right, followed by a left to reach the stairs of safety.

Level 188

Welcome back to 52 Open the first door on your left to get back to the hub.

If you look out the window you’ll see where we need to go next.

Head through the lobby and to the elevators. Our goal is to get the 3 Tvs to the elevator that has electrified water so we’ll need to search the area. There’s two paths to go into a large loop of rooms and plenty of rooms to investigate but do be wary of those watching outside the window.

Escape the Backrooms Level 188

The hallway also has a creature that patrols, so hide in the rooms to stay safe.

Escape the Backrooms Level 188

Once you find the Tvs you’ll need to drag it back to the elevators to send them back down to the lobby. Once down there simply slide them to the marked spots and the door will open!

Escape the Backrooms Level 188

Poolrooms (Dark)

Oh the entity here is one of my favorites! Parasites in the water that’ll melt your brain!

Escape the Backrooms Poolrooms Dark

The first pool with a raft is safe, and you’ll need to cross through it to get to the ladder on the other side, though do take some time to learn how to sail! Once you head up the ladder you’ll see some water wheels to turn, which you’ll need to hit all of them quickly to flood the room with water to get your boat to the next area. Head up some ladders and you’ll find 3 holes down to the stagnant pool rooms.

You can tell the water here is bad, I mean just look at this place.

Escape the Backrooms Poolrooms Dark

The arm creature from !~! is also here.

The goal is to turn 4 valves hidden in the maze of this level to fill the tank with water, which will raise the water back on the main level to get your boat out. The next area is the same as the first: turn the valves quickly. However there is a bridge separating them which you cannot sprint over or it will break.

Area 4 is another sublevel area back into to the stagnant pools with the same goal but easier: turn 3 valves. This time there’s parasites in some of the water, including a small platforming section to get to one of the valves. Once its done the water around the raft will be drained and you’ll be able to continue.

Area 5 is the stagnant pools again, but in a much larger area and with many more valves to turn (7 in total). There’s an arrow on the right that points to a valve, but its also a trap because the monster does enter that area so be mindful coming back out.

Escape the Backrooms Poolrooms Dark

After this you’re home free to the next area and the final room. Its a pretty big room but its safe and all you need to do is head up the staircase and pick a slide to slide down!

Level Fun(?)

This is the area I got when going down the yellow slide. I don’t know if its the same for all 4 slides so do let me know in the comments.

For this level you’ll need 4 keys scattered across each colored area to unlock the gate and get out of here.

Escape the Backrooms Level Fun(?)

In the pink area you’ll need to find a tape in an adjacent room and begin the first test: Simon says. The image of a balloon will appear on screen, followed by the colors you need to pop in order.

The blue area has a small room with dynamite fireworks which you’ll need to blind the party hosts. There’s one on the ceiling you can hit to unlock the blue door to the next area. In the next areas the Party Hosts will be guarding doors, needing to kill each one to unlock the next area. Meanwhile party goers will occasionally pop out to check on you.

Once you kill the Host in the birthday room, head to the other side of the rock climbing wall room. Killing it will unlock the main double doors to the 5th and 6th Hosts.

The Red area is a dark maze where you need to find 4 rooms while a partygoer patrols the area. Each room has a symbol in it and needs a matching colored glowstick dropped into it (the color matches the panel next to the key door). The partygoer cannot see you if you’re not holding a glowstick and so long as you don’t bump into them.

Escape the Backrooms Level Fun(?)

After getting all 4 keys, go to the machine in the main room and put the keys into the matching colors.

The clouds area has the key hidden in a random balloon while partygoers wander the area. Finding it can be difficult so keep close to the tables in the area.

Level 52

This area is pretty short, but full of partygoers and partypoopers. The later will guide you to escape this level, follow them and do as they do and you’ll quickly find the way out. The door to the hub is right next to the entrance.

Level 55.1

This area takes place within a pit, where you’ll need cameras to take photos. On the camera is a Polaroid of what you need to snag a photo of, with 2 photos per level.

The first photo is right as soon as you reach the first level, and the second is on the edge wall opposite of the pit from the elevator.

The creature from level 0 is on the 2nd level, of which you’ll need to either hide in the nearby lockers or get back to the elevator. The photo of the van is close to the elevator, being about 90 degrees left of the elevator platform.

The 3rd level has smilers and a skin stealer. The 5th picture is about 180 degrees from the elevator.

Once you’ve got all the photos the hatch above will open and you’ll be able to ride the elevator straight up into it.

You’ve escaped the backrooms…. for now!

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