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EscapeMONO Walkthrough Guide

Navigate through a locked laboratory with dark creatures in EscapeMONO. Our walkthrough guide provides insights on following the path to reach a conclusion.

How should you follow a path to reach a conclusion in a locked laboratory with dark, strange creatures? This EscapeMONO Walkthrough guide contains information that will guide you.

This is the guide NealS it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

EscapeMONO Walkthrough

This walkthrough guide will show you the way you need to move forward in the game, while also informing you.


  • Take the duster from the shelf.
  • Look at the carpet, grab the key.
  • Use the duster on the carpet.
  • Look above the shelf, open the cage.
  • Tap the robot twice, take the piece.
  • Use the duster on the carpet.
  • Go right, open the drawer with the key.
  • Check the computer, enter “BLOODCELL.”
  • Go right, use the duster, enter 6209.
  • Go through the door.


  • Grab the blade and the hat.
  • Give the hat to the robot, then interact with it.
  • Take the key.
  • Turn right twice, search the shelves: a dropper, a bottle, a remedy, and a sample.
  • Return to the robot, enter 34708 on its collar.
  • Use the dropper on the blood from its head.
  • Use the dropper on the sample.
  • Use the remedy on the sample.
  • Turn twice, use the sample on the microscope. 🏆SCIENTIST [1/7]
  • Turn left, use the following combination on the box.
    EscapeMONO | Walkthrough
  • Take the horn.
  • Turn right twice, use the key on the door.


  • Enter the door, take the extendable arm on the wall.
  • Look at the bathtub, use the arm on the small item.
  • Cut the robot’s stitches, place the small item on its head.
  • Touch it and take another piece.
  • Turn left, break the wall, and take the piece.
  • Open the locker and take a lightbulb.
  • Turn left, cut the trash bag with the blade.
  • Place the horn on the robot and take the last piece.
  • Interact with the robot. 🏆POKE POKE [2/7]
  • Turn left and take the disinfectant.
  • Turn right, go through the door, look at the tablet on the floor.
  • Arrange the pieces as follows 🏆PUZZLE SOLVED [3/7]
    EscapeMONO | Walkthrough
  • Go back to the carpet, put the lightbulb in the lamp, use the tablet on the lamp.
  • Turn right, enter: Orange – yellow – red – blue – yellow – green
  • Take the note.
  • Go through the blue door, turn right, take the red, blue, and yellow bottles.
  • Go to the lab, use the bottles: blue – blue – red and 60°.
  • Go to the bathtub, give the purple bottle to the robot 🏆BLUE EYE [4/7]
  • Do the same with the other three robots.
  • Interact with the roundest robot in your inventory, take the card.
  • Interact with the horned robot, take the cloth.


  • Go to the green door, turn and use the cloth in the water.
  • Put disinfectant on the cloth.
  • Use the cloth on the mirror.
  • Go back to the lab, take the other dropper from the drawer.
  • Interact with the crying robot with the dropper.
  • Use in the bottle: green – blue – dropper and 30°.
  • Take the sky-blue bottle, give it to the robot in the mirror. 🏆TEAL EYE [5/7]
  • Use the card in the reader. 🏆THE END[6/7] 🏆NEW BEGINNING[7/7]
Written by NealS

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