Etrian Odyssey HD Achievements Guide

Being able to draw the map as you explore is one of Etrian Odyssey’s greatest features. However, there are many buttons in the editor and no clear indication of what they do. There are at least a few changes from the original DS version, this Etrian Odyssey HD Achievements guide will show you all the achievements you need!

Etrian Odyssey HD Achievements Guide

Welcome to our Etrian Odyssey HD Achievements Guide. It’s a work in progress, follow the updates for many of the achievements! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Etrian Odyssey HD game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Etrian Odyssey HD guide.

Achievement Breakdown

There are a total of 22 achievements in Etrian Odyssey:

  • (6 total) for reaching each of the Strata divided across 30 floors.
  • (7 total) for defeating various bosses
  • 1 requires beating the 6th Stratum boss on Expert difficulty
  • (2 total) – 1 each for unlocking the Hexer and Ronin classes.
  • 1 for earning 250,000 Ental.
  • 1 for finishing a specific quest.
  • (2 total) relating to combat
  • 1 for defeating a boss in a single turn.
  • 1 for dealing 1,000 damage in a single hit.
  • (2 total) relating to guild functions
  • 1 for letting 3 adventurers rest.
  • 1 for retiring 3 adventurers.
  • 1 for completing everything else (100%)


Both combat-related achievements come naturally as you get stronger. As far as Cataclysmic Force goes, you can backtrack to earlier bosses to incinerate them. Most bosses respawn in 14 in-game days.

100% Achievement Guide - Etrian Odyssey HD

Cataclysmic Force

  • Defeated a boss in a single turn.
100% Achievement Guide - Etrian Odyssey HD

Crushing Blow

  • Dealt 1,000 damage with a single hit.

Light Walkthrough

Some of the cautionary notes may not apply if playing on Picnic difficulty. I’ll still add them in for those who are playing on Expert difficulty from start to finish.

Emerald Grove (First Stratum)

100% Achievement Guide - Etrian Odyssey HD

Emerald Grove

  • Reached the First Stratum.
Achievements you need to achieve in Etrian Odyssey HD

NOTE: The 2-way path near the entrance needs to be opened from the EAST. It’s a good way to earn money in the early game without going into battle.

  • The leathersmith’s favor – Soft Hide drops from Treerats and Moles.
  • To taste it once more… – Holy water is in Block E4
  • A favor to Shilleka I – Hard Shell = Clawbugs; Hardwood = B1F CHOP points (easiest).
  • Subduing the woodflies – Kill a lot of Woodflies/Venomflies.
  • Fashionista I – Insect Eye = Finish off Woodflies/Venomflies with magic.
  • MISSION: Adventurer’s initiation – Fully map a chunk of B1F to proceed.
Achievements you need to achieve in Etrian Odyssey HD
  • A favor to Shilleka II – Horns = Fender/Ragelope
Achievements you need to achieve in Etrian Odyssey HD

I don’t suggest fighting the Stalker FOEs at the moment if on Expert. They hit too hard when you first meet them so it’s better to just avoid them completely for now. An Alchemist with Max Poison can kill them but the accuracy leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Both 2-way connectors are opened from the SOUTH.
  • There’s free and unlimited healing in the Southwest corner of this map (not to be confused with healing springs). It will remain until you defeat Fenrir. I believe it also includes free revives. Feel free to grind/farm in this area if needed. You will see similar healing points like this before the Stratum bosses.
  • The bandit’s treasure – The Golem boss related to this quest is on this floor. You’ll need to enter a clear crystal-blocked door (see B5F note below) to reach the Golem. If you trained up a Ronin (Kubiuchi) or a Dark Hunter (Climax), bring them along because the Golem is vulnerable to instant death. If killed using instant death, you’ll get a Statue Arm which sells for a hefty 5,000 Ental and unlocks the purchase of an end-game axe (~160k to buy). Extremely useful if you plan to use an Axe on a Landsknecht for the end-game Expert difficulty boss.
Achievements you need to achieve in Etrian Odyssey HD
  • A certain shop’s request – Pyroxene = B4F MINE points.
Achievements you need to achieve in Etrian Odyssey HD

NOTE: The 2-way connector is opened from the EAST.

  • Shadow in the grove – A regular Spider will show up as a FOE icon during the quest.
  • The bandit’s treasure – The access point for this quest is behind a clear crystal lock in B5F. The Golem is located in B3F through this connection. The key for the lock is in B8F and you won’t get the related mission until after reaching the 3rd Stratum so you may as well wait.
  • MISSION: The terror of Fenrir – Fenrir is weak to fire. Defeat the 3 Skolls preceding him before baiting him in and then lure him into a corner to delay Fenrir’s reinforcements.

Primitive Jungle (Second Stratum)

100% Achievement Guide - Etrian Odyssey HD

Primitive Jungle

  • Reached the Second Stratum.
Achievements you need to achieve in Etrian Odyssey HD

The Cutters north of the entrance inflict AoE Fear (chance to lose turn + TP burn if turn lost). They follow a set path so you don’t have to kill all of them to reach the next floor. Pace yourself when approaching the 2nd batch of Cutters. NOTE: The 2-way connector is opened from the SOUTH.

  • Horticulture – Event location only works between 5am-10am
  • Identity unknown – Petaloid spawns between 10am-4pm. Be careful because it can put your entire team to sleep. It has low HP so aim to kill it with a fast unit/move (e.g. Dark Hunter’s Drain).
  • Prayer to the stars – Starseed = B6F CHOP points (easiest).
  • Apothecary’s request II – Bird Limb = Moa (B6/9/10F)
  • Feat of strength I – Available after reaching the 3rd Stratum. Landsknecht (Axe with ⋆ Crush) and Protector (Smite) are both good candidates to solo a Cutter.

Azure Rainforest

100% Achievement Guide - Etrian Odyssey HD

Azure Rainforest

  • Reached the Third Stratum.

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