Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Controls Guide

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If you need to take a shot on the crown, you’d pleasant recognize a way to manage your little bean-person. Not a pronouncing you pay attention often, however Fall Guys controls to drag it out of us. This Total-Wipeout-stimulated conflict royale is an utter blast, however withinside the warmness of the instant you don’t wanna be fumbling over a way to jump, dive or grab. Fall Guys controls manual that’ll tell you of all of the buttons you need.

Updated on 22.02.2023

Fall Guys Controls Guide

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout simplest has some controls to fear about, however the motion is so stressful that it actually can pay to research them in advance. A properly timed dive can get you over the end line beforehand of the competition, and grabbing is important to positive ranges and modes. Here are the whole PS4 and PC controls (each keyboard and Xbox controller).

Fall Guys Controls PC
Fall Guys Controls PC

Fall Guys Controls


PS4 Controls

Xbox Controls

PC Keyboard Controls

MoveLeft Analog StickLeft Analog StickWASD
Adjust CameraRight Analog StickRight Analog StickMouse
JumpXASpace Bar
Dive (In Air)SquareXCtrl
Show Player NamesL2LTTab
EmotesD-Pad directionsD-Pad directions1, 2, 3, 4

And that’s the overall set of Fall Guys control Make certain you pay unique interest to the way to clutch. There are numerous ranges that require you to select out up balls or clutch onto ledges. In each instances you simply want to maintain the clutch button or key at the same time as grabbing or choosing up. You’ll additionally want to press clutch to gather the crown itself, which means it’s critical to triumphing the game! Practice diving as well, due to the fact at the same time as it’s gradual while you hit the ground, it’s quicker than going for walks for that very last bounce over the line. It’s additionally extraordinarily beneficial for pushing items like big balls. Trust us, it’ll are available in handy.


You’ll be needing this to get over most of the barriers in the game


There are numerous levels in the video game where players will be required to get on to particular ledges, get balls or perhaps sorrow other gamers.

It’s really important that gamers learn to Grab and practice the skill completely. You likewise need to understand how to grab if you wish to really win the game as you require to get your hands on the crown.


Diving is important as it not just assists you cover distances however it’s also terrific for pressing large items or striking headers on the large soccer balls.

In order to gather the crown that permits you to win the video game, you will need to use a mix of dive, dive and grab to win the game so learn these controls well and good luck!

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