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Back to Basic is a Side Quest in Fallout 76 that takes place at Army Camp […]

Back to Basic is a Side Quest in Fallout 76 that takes place at Army Camp McClintock and has you going through a number of basic training exercises to join the Military. There are a number of ways to receive this quest, establishing a connection to the Army for the Enclave, trying to get a valid Military ID for the Brotherhood of Steel, or maybe you just want to make your country proud. Whatever your reason, this guide can help you every step of the way.

Back to Basic Walkthrough

First things first, to start this quest (if it wasn’t give to you by the Enclave or Brotherhood of Steel) travel to Camp McClintock. This camp is in the Forest region of Appalachia, located north of the Summersville Dock and south of the New River Gorge Resort.

Once there, head inside the main building and walk up stairs to talk to Master Sergeant Gutsy. If you come into the camp from the back side (or want quicker access to the Master Sergeant) there is a Fire Escape you can take up to the roof. On the roof there is a hole that will drop you down right in front of him.

Getting a Uniform

Interact with the Sergeant and he will inform you to suit up in your army fatigues to get ready for your training. If you have happened to come across some during your travels you’re in luck! Otherwise you will have to complete the optional quest to find a uniform Voucher. Head down stairs to the front desk and grab the Uniform Disbursement Log.

Reading the Log will reveal that a Pvt. Archibald was sent back to the barracks because he lost his fatigues and needed to receive a new uniform voucher at the barracks. Head over to the barracks on the south side of the camp. At the entrance to the barracks on the inside left of the doorway there will a first aid kit with a Uniform Voucher.

Grab this and take it back to the main building. Behind the front desk is a dispenser, interact with it to grab your uniform and helmet. Equip your new uniform and walk back to the Master Sergeant to present yourself.

Now it is time to complete each step of Basic Training

Patriotism Training

Walk out the east end of the main building, toward the bunker in the back. Inside there should be 3 rooms on your left and a terminal on your right. Interact with the terminal to begin your training course.

For this test, you are presented with 3 kids; Jimmy, Topher and JianJun. Your job is to inspect the room of each and interview them to figure out who may be a “budding Communist”. Select [Begin Course] and start to interview each child.

While each child may say they love America, Jimmy in the middle blue room (with the knocked over Manikin) seems a bit suspicious. An investigation of his terminal reveals it is locked by a key, To unlock Jimmy’s terminal, walk to the file cabinet in the east corner of the room, on top there will be a note titled “Jimmy’s Diary – May 2nd” .

Reading the note will reveal Jimmy’s Terminal password. Interact with Jimmy’s Terminal once again and read his logs inside. Reading the Log titled [Pop Was Coughing Again] reveals some very damning evidence against him. Tired of his father being worked, Jimmy tries to convince is friends to organize and strike. That is commie talk.

Return to the terminal you began this test and turn Jimmy in. Congratulations! You passed and can move on to your next Course.

Marksmanship Training Course

Walk towards the north end of camp, into the shed facing a shooting range. Interact with the terminal inside to begin the Marksmanship Training.

Your test is to hit all the targets in the range within 30 seconds. Obviously to complete this test, your best bet would be to use any semi automatic weapon. It is possible however to complete with a hunting rifle or pipe revolver if you are accurate enough. Don’t worry if you fail, just interact with the terminal again and start over!

That’s it, once you complete the course in under 30 seconds, your marksmanship training is done!

Agility Training course

Go to the South-West end of the camp, and like the other courses you will find a terminal next to your test. This time you will have to run through an obstacle course while activating buttons at the beginning and end of each Challenge. You can’t take any short cuts and you can’t cheat the system! You must complete each obstacle correctly while remembering to press each button at the beginning and end. You have 2:00 minutes to complete the course.

Your first obstacle is a tire run.

Just jump on top of the tires and run across to the button on the other side.

Next up is the rope walk across water.

Just keep your center and walk slowly across the rope. If you fall in the water you must turn around and go back to the beginning of the rope, otherwise getting to the other side and pressing the button wont matter.

Next you will have to crawl under barbed wire under mud.

This one is pretty easy, other than the rad poisoning, just crouch and crawl under the post, pressing the button on the other side.

Next up is the beam walk.This will likely be the hardest obstacle for you to complete, so don’t be afraid to take it a bit slower. There are 3 buttons to press along this obstacle so make sure to press each one.

After the beams, all you have to do is run up and down a steep ramp.

Hop over each beam in the next challenge.

Then head to the base of the tower, pressing the button at the top and bottom, to complete the challenge.

Once you reach the top and activate the button, you will get your completion time and the test will be complete!

Live Fire Exercise

Once you complete each of the training courses, the Master Sergeant will feel you are ready for the Live Fire Exercise. Walk up the hill in the south-west end of the camp to interact with the live Fire exercise terminal. Unlike the other trials, this test has you fighting waves of Protectrons, Mr. Gutsys, and eyebots painted as communists.

First Wave:

  • 2 Protectrons
  • 1 Eyebot

Second Wave:

  • 4 Protectrons
  • 2 Eyebots

Final Wave:


The final wave can be quite a challenge alone, so if you aren’t completing this mission with friends make sure you bring plenty of ammo. Once you defeat the final wave report back to the Master Sergeant everything you learned from your training.

Welcome to the military soldier. Back to Basic is now complete and you have earned you Soldier Certificate.

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