Fallout 76 – Getting Information From the Computer

Getting Information From the Computer quest is a part of Fallout 76 Final Departure Main story mission.

Getting Information From the Computer Walkthrough

  • Go to the part of the airport marked in the picture above.

Your new objective is to use the computer located in another part of the airport. Its location is marked in the picture above and on the in-game map. Go there – you will come across a lot of Scorched.

  • Enter that hangar and go upstairs.

Get inside the hangar and then go upstairs. A few enemies can roam this place, eliminate them first.

  • Use the computer to end this quest.

The computer is upstairs. Use it and select the first option. This ends Final Departure quest. You get sunglasses and a police officer outfit, ammo, purified water, and Somerset Special pistol which ignores 50% of an enemy’s armor. You also unlock another main quest called An Ounce of Prevention.

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