Fallout 76 – How to Reach Morgantown Airport?

Final Departure starts automatically after you finish Second Helpings main quest. Embark on a long journey, discover what has happened to the responders on the airport.

How to Reach Morgantown Airport? quest is a part of Fallout 76 Final Departure Main story mission.

How to Reach Morgantown Airport? Walkthrough

  • Morgantown is far away from Flatwoods.

This quest doesn’t take place in Flatwoods only. You also have to visit Morgantown Airport and learn about the responders’ fate. The airport is far away from Flatwoods – this location is automatically added to your map (we have also marked it in the picture above). Decide which path you want to take. You can go straight from Flatwoods, but you can also teleport (for free) to Vault 76 – this location is close to the airport. This choice has no impact on the quest itself, you will simply explore different lands.

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