Fallout 76 – Savage Divide Treasure Map 1 Location

Savage Divide Treasure Map 1 How to Find

Savage Divide Treasure Map 1 displays a large steel vented tower, with what appears to be spikes behind it, and a chain-link fence with a hazardous waste sign out front – and the treasure itself located below it.

The image referenced is in fact a location in the south of the Savage Divide: The Federal Disposal Field HZ-21, which is a public workshop (and home to a very nasty Snallygaster).

Despite the map’s bearings, the view does not actually point North, but to the East – meaning to find this particular length of fence and the warning sign where the treasure is, you ‘ll want to look at the site from the southwest edge of the disposal field. Once you spot the right nuclear waste sign, look next to it to find your treasure.

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