Fallout 76 – Send Junk To Stash

How to Build Your Own Stash? You can build your own stash in Fallout 76 through […]

How to Build Your Own Stash?

You can build your own stash in Fallout 76 through the C.A.M.P. system, and we recommend doing so as soon as possible. Simply set up your camp in a secluded area, select build, and then craft a stash box out of common materials. Place it in your camp and it’s yours to use.

As is the case with anything else that you craft in your camp, your stash box will be brought with you should you decide to relocate. All you have to do is select it from the menu and place it in your new camp.

How It Works?

Your Fallout 76 stash is more useful than it may first appear. The game doesn’t really tell you this, but you can access your stash from numerous locations throughout the world – not just at your own camp.

There are various ‘safe’ places dotted across the map in Fallout 76. The Red Rocket gas station next to the Responder Hideout, for example, is one of these locations. At these locations, you’ll find stash boxes that hold all of your stashed items – they all share your hoarded objects regardless of which stash box you’re accessing. This allows you to store and retrieve items as you adventure, as long as you can find these ‘safe’ places.

Even better, any workbenches that can be found in these ‘safe’ locations will automatically take your stashed items into account when you’re crafting, so you don’t have to retrieve materials from your stash before using the workbench. The same rule applies to workbenches that you create in your camp – they’ll also use your stashed items if you’ve got a stash box already set up.

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