Fallout 76 – Signal Strength Quest

Signal Strength

For this Fallout 76 quest, you will be searching for the signal repeater schematic, research notes, creating the signal repeater itself. Obviously, there are multiple objectives to this quest but, there aren’t any optional ones.

The Signal Strength quest will take you through Top of the World, Seneca Rocks Visitor Center, Horizon’s Rest, 98 NAR Regional, and National Isolated Radio Array.

Signal Repeater Schematic

Rose wants you to find the signal repeater schematic and if you need her help you are required to do it. Now go North from the Top of the WOrld and you will reach Seneca Rocks Visitor Center.

There will a motel to the NW of the Visitor Center. Enter the motel and on the second floor, you need to loot Major Darion Jone’s body to retrieve Signal Repeater Schematic and Signal Repeater notes.

Read the research notes and you will get two new objectives to acquire parts for the Signal Repeater. Head to the Horizon’s Rest and enter the plane wreckage and you will find the item in the cockpit.

Now get to the 98 NAR Regional. Find a busted train cart here where you will find the second required item. Head towards the nearest Tinker Bench and construct the Signal Repeater.

Make your way to National Isolated Radio Array. Install the Signal Repeater and divert the power to it from the terminal located in a small station which is SW of the Repeater’s location.

Select Auxillary Component Control and then Divert Power to Auxillary Component. This will divert power to the Signal Repeater. Head back to Top of the World and talk to rose to complete the quest.

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