Fallout New Vegas – Overpowered Build

The Build S.P.E.C.I.A.L ST – 6 + (Implant) + 1 (the bear-slayer/deadman’s burden/scourge of the east) […]

The Build


  • ST – 6 + (Implant) + 1 (the bear-slayer/deadman’s burden/scourge of the east)
  • PE – 1 + (Implant) + 1
  • EN – 9 + (Implant) + 1
  • CH – 9 + (Implant) + 1
  • IN – 5 + (Implant) + 1
  • AG – 9 + (Implant) + 1
  • LU – 1 + (Implant) + 1

Tag skills

Repair/ Barter/ Explosives


Hot blooded

In theory, this trait makes sense to get since it gives you damage boost when your hp diminished is by 50% or lower, come to think of it, it also activates Ferocious loyalty. Yes, you get hurt, but who cares later you will see why this does not matter. But yeah 10% damage all the time? Why the hell not?

Fast shot

I dont care for the accuracy loss. The fire rate is what I wanted.


  • LeveL 2 – Rapid reload
    For better reloads
  • LeveL 4 – Educated
    I need extra skill points and decided to put them here. Yours can pick anywhere you like.
  • LeveL 6 – Bloody mess
    Bonus damage, nothing more to be said.
  • LeveL 8 – Toughness
    Boosts your defense to survive even longer
  • LeveL 10 – Toughness(2)
  • LeveL 12 – Fast metabolism
    Regenerate your stims faster.
  • LeveL 14 – Nerd rage!
    Use this in order for you to keep yourself alive for the shortest possible amount of time taking total advantage of your diminished health bonuses.
  • LeveL 16 – Ferocious loyalty
    Companions gain 50% damage resistance when your health diminishes at 50%. This perk is used to make your companions survive a bit longer.
  • LeveL 18 – Chemist
    Doubles chem duration.
  • LeveL 20 – Eye for eye
    The key perk for your effectiveness with any firearm types. For every broken limbs you have, you gain bonus damage of 10% every stack and only works with guns, energy weapons, explosives and throwing melee weapons. Accuracy loss is not a problem here since we are using explosive weapons. This obviously helps greatly for curtail fights and let’s you get the most out weapons like explosive weapons, typically this build’s forte.
  • LeveL 22 – Hit the deck
    Gives you damage reduction while being damaged by explosives, making explosives less damaging and reducing all other incoming damage when equipping explosive weapons, making you tankier as a result.
  • LeveL 24 – Stonewall or Life giver
    The choice between Stonewall and Life giver is always hard. Stonewall gives an obvious advantage against cyberdogs and deathclaw’s knockdown ability and Life giver for extra chunk of hp.
  • LeveL 26 – Spray and pray
    Companion damage reduction while you hurt em. They can absorb up to 5k friendly fire damage(explosive) before dying.
  • LeveL 28 – Demolition expert
    Boosts your explosives. May it be fatman or a stick of dynamite, it will do more damage.
  • LeveL 30 – Jury rigging or Mad bomber
    This one is up to you.
  • LeveL 32 – Splash damage
    More blast radius? Sure.
  • LeveL 34 – Heave ho
    Boost velocity of weapon projectiles that launches in an arch.
  • LeveL 36 – Demolition expert 2
    Boost your explosives even further.
  • LeveL 38 – Pack rat
    For ammo weight reduction.
  • LeveL 40 – Travel light
    The speed added by travel light is very significant.
  • LeveL 42 – Demolition expert 3
    With another 20% explosive damage, you get to kill more than you could before.
  • LeveL 44 – Heavyweight
    Reduces weapon weight.
  • LeveL 46 – Living anatomy
    Extra damage.
  • LeveL 48 – Quick draw
    It increases weapon draw/holster speed.
  • LeveL 50 – Thought you died
    Boost to total health and an additional damage, making you healthier for longer. More health is always best since we’ll have more to chew through with all the damage reductions.

Special Perks

  • Brainless

Act as our mini chem resistant.

  • Cardiac arrest

Regenerates health faster.

  • Reinforced spine

For bonus strength.

Item Selection


EXPLOSIVES are your overall forte and gets good use of Guns for DPS output.

-Thump thump

Is the safe bets for everyone.

Basically thump-thump but more ammo size.

Another typical one, the best rocket launcher in the game for damage against crowds.

A solid alternative to annabelle, being the best straightforward explosive weapon with the highest damage. This can easily destroy anything.

More damage? Check. Bonus DT? Check. A suicidal weapon? Check. Just what you need for yourself! This thing is to be gotten if the opposing baddies are hard as rock. The armor is very decent to support you.

There’s not much to a really say about this weapon; it’s an ultimate weapon that does OK damage in a decent-sized area, and has a nice damage equivalent to fatman, in fact. Since this build is all about AOE damage, it makes sense for this to be for you, but you do need to be careful as there’s a possibility for self-harm.

-25mm APW
Worth it or nah?!! Best use for small time enemies.

Or use whatever EXPLOSIVE weapons you like.


I am not the best to ask about armor sets, and there is allot of options but this one is mostly up to you.


-Battle brew > Medx > slasher
You shouldn’t really be getting killed by anything. This will ensure your survival, as long as you dont take on massive groups. Remember you take less damage, but you can still die.

-Whiskey > Wasteland tequila > Large wasteland tequila (If Cass on party)
Since i would be standing pretty far away from fray, but if you find yourself being orgy’d most of the time, put these in your list.

-Psycho > Yao guai meat
The damage is nice, and you’ll love more damage.

-Ruby’s casserole > Cook-cook fiend stew > Wasteland omelet
Will give you a big amount of effective HP recovery.

-Super stimpak
Use if situation is dire.

-NCR Emergency Radio
Extra supply and meatshields.


You can also kill much easier with a proper partners or use em as meatshields. Here are the best examples:

Lily, Rex
If I want to describe them I can only say one thing TANKY. They both can take as much damage as possbile, High charisma make Rex stand still the end and help you to take enemies down in safety goes for Lily because of her natural tankiness.

Cass, ED-E
Yup, armour batteries are your pals. I always love these guys. They might not be useful as the one on top, but they help you to buy some time to wreak havoc.


My Personal Preference

1. Start hurting yourself to activate Eye for eye, is your main source of damage.

2. Expect around 50-25% health gone to activate Ferocious loyalty, Hot blooded, Nerd rage.

3. Free to carpet bomb your companions along with the enemy with it.

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