Far Cry 5 – Rare Animals Hunting Spot

Heres the best area for Hare, Alpha Hare (Jackrabbit), Wolverine, Alpha Wolverine, Elk, Alpha Elk, Seagul, Grouse, Whitetail deer, Prob whitetail deer alpha, Black bear and Skunk. You will also find snakes. (Remmember to take Jess Black with you! She will be helpfull)

Rare Animals Hunting Spots

Where is the Area?

far cry 5 rare hunting spots

You can start at Fall’s End or Dodd’s Dump then walk to the Harris Residence. That is where the area is. There is also a lighter and a bunker. Around the house you can find the animals. Theres also a seller who always walks the path thats beside the house!

What can i find and where can i find it?

You can find: Grouse, Seagull, Wolverine, Alpha Wolverine, Skunk (Prob alpha skunk havent seen one yet though) Elk, Alpha elk, Hare, Alpha hare (Jackrabbit) Whitetail deer (Prob alpha deer though havent seen one yet though) Black bear and snakes. You can find the grouse in the backyard the area the bunker is. You can also find there seagulls, skunks, wolverines, hares and alpha hares. In the forest behind the house you can find Black bears, Whitetail deer, Hare, Alpha hare, Alpha wolverine, Elk and alpha elk. Further upp behind the house you will find a hill with an open field. There you can find allot of elk, alpha elk and sometimes wolverines. Now the wolverines likes to kill the seller allot so thats a thing. As you see in the picture i got all thoose animals (Not the fish) in the area in about 10-15 min of hunting!

Cant seem to Find Anything?

The trick to the respawn of animals is to walk abit away from the house then go back. Then there will be more animals that have spawned. Keep doing that and you will get money quick! Also the hares usally get scared away from both bears and wolverines and you will have to take Jess Black with you! Unless you are a very silent hunter. Use bows to get more pelt! Now happy hunting and good luck!

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