Far Cry New Dawn – Find a Way to Call The Bear

Find a Way to Call the Bear This is part of the treasure hunter step From […]

Find a Way to Call the Bear

This is part of the treasure hunter step From Whom the Bear Tolls in Far Cry New Dawn game. To call the bear you need to call the bell on the top of the church.

1-For Whom The Bear Tolls

Head on to the roof and punch the bell to call in the bear. Be careful as the bear can also reach the roof as well, so it may be a good idea to have your companion nearby. When you finally kill the bear you need to loot it in order to find the key and from there you will head down below ground into the bunker and obtain the stash.

2- High Art

Note: Grapple is required.

Grapple up to the tower behind the barn building and then use the zip line to enter the barn. Go through the barn and reach the doorway where you can open it with the valve. Head over to the secondary valve which is on side of the blue vehicle in order to lift up the car. Afterwards, you need to go up the platform, jump onto the car and then jump over to the secondary platform. This will give you access to the third and final valve which will move the yellow car blocking the area where the stash is located.

3- Target Practice

Head towards the cliff area which has two roadblocks near a tunnel. You need to jump down into the tunnel and progress up to where the train is located. Nearby will be a power switch that will spin a wheel along with activating a target dummy. You need to shoot the dummy through a small cutout from the wheel which will trigger a secondary target above the power the switch. This will then trigger two more targets below it for you to shoot.

When you successfully hit all of the targets it will lead to a mechanism that will allow the left can blocking the doorway to drop. Afterwards, you need to hit the targets on the opposite side to allow the right side can to drop. When the gate opens you can gather the stash.

4- Going Haywire

Go up on the roof and look down into the house through the gated passage. You need to shoot the lock on the front door which you can then enter the building. Head down the hall and into a room where you can turn the power off. Head back outside and drop down into the vault where you can gather the stash.

5- Riddle Me Fish

Code: 2-4-6-1-3-5

Head inside the home by breaking the doorway and then power up the lights with the generator. This will give you a code that you will need to use which is supplied above. Go back outside and go into the shed which will take you below ground. Before you can enter the door to get the stash you need to interact with the fish in the specific code order.

6- Rescuers Go Under

Required: Leap of Faith skill

Grapple up to the mountain where you need to fight off a bear. After killing the bear go down into the drop below and progress forward which will require more swimming and climbing. Once you reach the area where you are finding wrecked abandoned cars progress up and stand on the car positioned on top of a slight cliff. You need to double jump from the car onto the next cliff which has the stash.

7- The Best Laid Plans

Go on top of the bridge which will require players to grapple and slowly make their way up. From there you are just going to grapple and swing your way across the bridge to the checkpoint where all of the stash is located.

8- Burning Souls

To complete Burning Souls players will need to find five bodies and take them to the pyre. One body can be found hanging across a wooden platform. You then need to throw a Molotov into the pyre which will open the area behind the pyre where the stash will be located.

Body Locations:

  • On wooden platform
  • Inside makeshift hut
  • Right next to the pyre
  • On a wooden bench near the pyre
  • On a wooden platform overlooking pyre

9- Go With The Flow

For this one, you need to follow the flags which will lead you to a cave so grab the key and make your way to the first flag. The flags are posted along the river where you will eventually jump down a waterfall. Right after the jump, the cave will be on the left. Go through the door and acquire the stash.

10- Light ‘Em Up

Go inside the house and make your way up to the next waypoint where you need to burn a nest and a wolverine inside. This will give you a key to the shed outside that has the stash.

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