Farming Simulator 19 – How to Buy Land?

How to Buy Land? You do not buy single fields. You purchase the entire plot of […]

How to Buy Land?

You do not buy single fields. You purchase the entire plot of land on which the field is located. You can modify the size of the field (or even create it in an empty space). This time the game makes it a little easier for you when it comes to choosing a field for cultivation. Many of them have irregular shapes and small or “too square” sizes – this is not what you want.

  • The field should be selected in such a way that it is longer than wider: the pace of work is then much faster, because each of the vehicles (especially the clumsy combine harvester) have much less turning back. Then the vehicles are much more maneuverable (tracks), which makes this argument less relevant.
  • If you want to plant a lot of things and you don’t have much money to buy a lot of fields, it’s worth choosing fields that are located at short distances from each other as the next ones to buy. This makes it easier to work on fields with the same machines without having to transport them. Later on, you can also combine fields that are adjacent to each other.
  • Also pay attention to the distance from warehouses / silos or points of sale of crops and the distance from the shop – you do not have the possibility of teleportation, so you have to transport everything on your own.
  • Pay attention to a few factors when buying land: how much wooded it is (if you want to enlarge the area under cultivation, you will have to clear the forest) and whether it has no other obstacles in the area (e.g. stones so that machines can turn around freely), whether it is flat- machines going uphill become slower if they do not have much power (and going downhill during work they do not have to be faster!), and if you buy your first field -whether you have a place to build infrastructure: silos, sheds, etc.).
  • You can buy one large field and divide it into smaller ones.

To purchase the correct plot of land, go to the map view. Switch to the land view (X / left knob) and select one of them. At the bottom of the screen you will see the price information.

Hint: It is worth going personally to the field before buying it – check what the field looks like, optionally: how much work is required (some are already carried out, ploughed or even sown), and how much additional free space you have.

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