Farming Simulator 19 Meaning of Icons

Find out what all the icons you see in Farming Simulator 19 mean!

English descriptions of the various icons in Farming Simulator 19. You can move faster by learning the meaning of each icon.

Farming Simulator 19 Meaning of Icons

Farming Simulator 19 all icons and descriptions.

All Farming Simulator 19 icon descriptions

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  1. Agreed. This is not all of the icons. We had the same question about the “cube’ in tractor specs. Even looked in the manual.

  2. The boxes with the – numbers means how much space it takes up, when buying something you can see how much space you have used and have left on the top right of the sceen when looking at new equipment

  3. On console you are limited to 1299 points. Each first piece of equipment costs the amount of points next to the blocks. i.e. (blocks) -23 is points to install the first one. Once you have installed the first item, the second and subsequent ones are usually only a point or a few points each. you subtract that point value from your total of 1299. The game does this for you above the item you are looking at. Upper right of the screen above the list of items you are viewing. 1009 / 1299 means you have used 1009 points of your total so far.
    Maps generally subtract initally from your total 1299 with all of the decorations and stores, but not a lot.
    Also, the puzzle piece tells you what other item is compatible with the item you are looking at.

  4. The box that has eight little boxes. When you’re trying to purchase something doesn’t matter what it is you’ll see that box with a little dash number next to it. That means if you go to the garage look at the top right you’ll see the same symbol with a number / a number which is 1299 the second number the left hand number indicates how many of those slots you’ve occupied with equipment fertilizer bags anything that has that symbol it takes a spot. When you buy an item and it says minus 16 it means 16 of them 1299 positions will be used. If you buy two of The identical items like a tractor with the same mods it will only take a dash one minus one more slot for the second or third or consecutive items. Once you reset 1299 slot it will not let you purchase anything else unless you remove or delete those items. If you’re using a consumable item like your seed and you leave a bunch of crates or pallets of the seed on the ground that will occupy the number of slots that is indicated under the item. If you take that seed and put it in a cedar or planter the item is then considered use and no longer takes a slot. This is only for consumables that have that symbol I hope that’s clear enough I tried to make it understandable and good luck and gentleman and ladies

  5. ZachTalonGamesYT

    What is the symbol that looks like a drop of water with a diamond? I had assumed it was water, but the trailer i am using does not appear to be able to be filled with water from my water station, despite having that symbol listed in the shop alongside milk.

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