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There are three, and actually four harvest storage options in Farming Simulator 19. First complete the sowing and harvesting process, then pour your harvest from the combine harvester into the trailer.

Everything you collect from the field, you hold by default in a semi-trailer. You can keep them in it for as long as you want: however, this is not an efficient way to store them, unless you are just waiting for a price increase in the market in the near future.

Sheds and Belt Systems

  • Remember to build sheds on a flat surface – otherwise you will pay a huge sum of money for flatting the ground.

As a rule, almost every type of resource can be found on the ground. In Farming Simulator 19 you can force the unloading of the tipper in the place where you reside. You should use sheds that can be built – they do not protect your crops and are not required in any way, but they significantly improve work organisation and visibility.

  • The belt system enables the automatic transfer of abandoned potatoes and beet to the semi-trailer.

As a standard rule, you can keep potatoes and sugar beets under the sheds (on the mounds): they generate very high yields and work well with Belt systems, which allow automatic loading. Simply combine the Lizard S-710 and the Grimme TC 80-16 (you can enter each of them to move a little and combine the belts together). Activate them and drive the semi-trailer at the end of the belt – there automatic loading will start. As long as you don’t want to make changes to the configuration of the belts, you don’t have to do anything with them anymore.

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