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Switch to The Train

Known from the previous parts of the Farming Simulator – trains, also appear as a form of transport in the 2019 edition. Again, they are used to transport goods between the yield collection center and silos. In the silos the player can store the harvested crops which is free of charge (apart from those silos already on the map, others you have to build yourself).

From the options in the game menu, you can decide if you want to switch to the train when switching between vehicles (if you do not need to use a train at the moment, it does not occupy a slot in your vehicle statement).

You can add any yield to the wagon and transport it to the collection points with a station, or to other silos (to facilitate transport to a remote collection when transporting semi-trailers or when your silo is overfilled – silos at the railway have space for 200,000l of crop capacity, for each type – although, there are only two such silos on the map).

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