Farthest Frontier Temple Relics v0.9.0

Hello everyone from our Farthest Frontier Temple Relics v0.9.0 guide! Protect and guide your people as you build a town from the untamed wilderness at the edge of the known world. You can find the relics and details you need in this adventure in our guide.

Farthest Frontier Temple Relics v0.9.0

Welcome to our Farthest Frontier Temple Relics v0.9.0 guide. This guide has been created to help players identify all the Temple Relics and how they can be used in their game.

Relics are Bonuses for The Town Temple

Each Relic provides a constant bonus that can be used in game to boost your town.

  • Level 1 Temple can hold 2 Relics with 2 workers
  • Level 2 Temple can hold 3 Relics with 3 workers
Temple Relics [v0.9.0]

Relics are Found in One of Two Locations


Temple Relics [v0.9.0]

All relics are available from the traders for a price ranging from 2000 to 5000 gold. Until at least one Relic is purchased, traders will sell the same Relic at a different price each visit.


Temple Relics [v0.9.0]

Each map generates a fixed number of ruins that can be excavated using laborers assigned to them to reveal any random relic. Once excavated, the site can be cleared by laborers for 35 stone.

Relics are Broken Down Into Three Groups

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]
Wilds Relics

Are relics of the earth, but are not limited to just nature bonuses.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Antlers of the Great Spirit: Hunter Cabins yield 30% more meat.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Eternal Ice of Amatok: Food spoils 25% slower.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Eye of the Hunter: Bows, Crossbows and Towers deal 15% more damage.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Root of the First Tree: Trees grow 15% faster and orchards produce 25% more fruit.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Tusk of the Autumn Boar: Shields and Hide Coats provide +4 Armor.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]
Martyr Relics

Are relics from the fallen.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Ark of the Vengeful Dead: Raiders and Wildlife are more deadly and aggressive.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Ashes of the Martyr: All Villagers have 25% more health.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Bloodied Stone of Idrick the Innocent: Increases Villiager attack damage by 100%.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Hair of the Saint Hadia: Flax crops produce 50% more yield.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Tears of the Mother: Birth rate and healt of Villiagers increased by 10%.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Teeth of Jonia the Ascetic: Villiagers get hungry 15% slower.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]
Warrior Relics

Are relics from renowned warriors.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Gildar’s Coin Purse: Soldier upkeep costs reduced by 30%.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Shard of Markovian’s Blade: Soldiers and Guards do 15% more damage.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Shroud of the Unknown Soldier: 100% recovery rate from festering wounds.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Targo’s Hammer: Blacksmiths and Armories work 20% faster.

Temple Relics [v0.9.0]Tribute to Fallen Kings: Luxury goods last 20% longer.

We have come to the end of our Farthest Frontier Temple Relics v0.9.0 guide. We hope the information was useful. Feel free to comment for your questions and suggestions.

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