Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers – Red Mage Changes & Skills

Red Mage Changes & Skills Red Mage Rework Before Shadowbringers, the Red Mage was famous for […]

Red Mage Changes & Skills

Red Mage Rework

Before Shadowbringers, the Red Mage was famous for being simple to play. You just cast Jolt, Verthunder, and Veraero  over and over again. Then you switch to whatever more powerful spell becomes available on a semi-random proc. These build up two resources called Black Mana and White Mana. And when those reach about 80 each, you follow up with a powerful melee combo. Basically, the Red Mage is easy because they constantly just tell you what to do.

That’s all the same in Shadowbringers. Some damage values have shifted around, and there are quality of life improvements across the board, but the ultra-simple combos are still intact. Even the new level 80 Red Mage spell, Scorch, is just an improved version of Jolt that extends the usual combo.

TL;DR Red Mages are almost entirely identical in Shadowbringers. There are some quality of life improvements, and their combos are stronger than before, but that’s about it! This makes the Red Mage likely the most unchanged Job in the entire expansion. So if you’re afraid of losing a step, these devilish dancers might be the ones to play. You can read a full account of the Red Mage rework, changes, and abilities in Shadowbringers here.

Red Mage Tips

Just follow the rules. The Red Mage is complex on paper, but comically easy in practice. To play them most effectively, you just need to follow the on-screen combo prompts and keep your Black and White Mana flowing.

They’re great in certain situations, though. Red Mage versatility shines in endgame content. The ability to resurrect dead healers can give teams a second chance when all should be lost. Their support skills also makes them sought after in Palace of the Dead/Heaven On High  where their damage speeds up XP farming, but allows them to top off overzealous allies. The same goes for roaming in Eureka.

How to Unlock the Red Mage Job?

Unlike most Jobs in FF14, the Red Mage isn’t accessible at the outset. Instead you need to play through the game as any normal combat Job for a while. Once you reach level 50, however, the Red Mage becomes available in Ul’Dah – The Steps of Thal. Just accept the quest “Taking the Red.” Finishing “Taking the Red” will unlock the Red Mage in FF14. And unlike base game classes, the Red Mage begins at level 50.

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