Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted – Robots Repair

Robots Repair Bonnie Your first repair task is Bonnie the Bunny. Coin List First coin is […]

Robots Repair


Your first repair task is Bonnie the Bunny.

Coin List

  • First coin is under the bonnie plush. Pick the plush up and grab the coin.
  • Second coin is on your right behind the cleaning thing.
  • The final coin requires you to strum Bonnie’s guitar. Strum it once and the coin is on your left in front of the cleaning thing.

Here is your list of actions

  • Grab Bonnie’s left eye put it in the cleaning thing on your left. Be very slow while taking out the eye. Same process with the right eye. Take it out and put it in the right cleaning thing.
  • Press the face plate buttons on each side of Bonnie’s chin.
  • Press the button in his mouth and listen to the 5 tunes. One will be out of tune (You will know trust me) Press the out of tune chip on the guitar. Press the button inside of his mouth.
  • Do 1-2 Reverse. Put the eyes back and close up the faceplate.


Easy speedrun here just be competent.



  • First coin is on the table on your right. Straight forward
  • Look in the trash can on your left
  • Before you finish the final task below feed chica a slice of pizza in the box (May take awhile) and the coin will appear on the table to your right.
  • Take off all the pizza on chica and throw it away on your right.
  • Like with Bonnie, open her beak by pressing two side buttons.
  • Press the chemispray button
  • Put on the arm and cupcake back on chica
  • Press the chemispray button, the cupcake will run.
  • Catch the cupcake by picking it up on either your right or left (It isn’t hard don’t even trip dog)
  • Eat a slice of pizza


Literally the most spooky and most annoying imo


  • Behind Freddy’s right ear
  • under one of the music modules on the right table
  • Take the hat from Freddy’s hat.
  • No really, take it out. Trash it in the bin to your right
  • Pull Freddy’s bowtie out
  • learn the pattern of the pendulum inside of Freddy’s chest. After learning it grab the watch and toss it in the bin. Don’t let the pendulum touch you.
  • Take out the music module (New pattern be aware) put it on the table.
  • Press the red button the pendulum will briefly stop. Put your hand in to grab the shoe and then take it out. Same pattern so just grab the shoe
  • Put the music module back in (you will fail the first time it is part of the game)
  • SLOWLY put a new music module back in
    boop Freddy’s nose.


The most fun IMO

  • Coin 1 is under the cogs to your right. Lift the one on the top.
  • Coin 2 you must put on Foxy’s head and it’s on the table to your right


  • Put Foxy’s head on
  • Don’t let your eyes leave Foxy or u will be dead.
  • Top drawer on your right has the circuit for Foxy’s leg. Find it and put it on the leg. Wait for the legs to stop moving before you do.
  • Take out the module in the chest when possible and put it in the arm.
  • The last modules for the chest are in the bottom right and left drawers
  • The top left drawer has the eye. Wait for the eye to be open and put in the eye. The eye will be yellow.

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