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FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex: Best Gold Farming Method

Maximize your fun in FlipWitch - Forbidden Sex Hex with GOLD! Check out best gold farming methods in our guide.

All you need to have more fun in FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex game is GOLD! Yes, you heard right, gold. Thanks to this guide, we share with you the best known gold earning guide in the game.

Best Gold Farming Method – Be Rich

I crafted this guide within just two hours of the game’s release, so keep in mind there might be more efficient methods yet to be discovered.

Strategy Overview The unique aspect of FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex is that enemies respawn continuously, dropping coins each time they’re defeated. An especially lucrative spot for farming is near the first boss’s save statue. This gold farming method is accessible within the first 30 to 60 minutes of gameplay.

In-Game Locations

  • Map Location
  • Gameplay Area

Farming Method

The area contains two types of enemies:

  • Two Bomb-Throwing Goblins.
  • One Large Goblin: Defeating this goblin yields 20 coins. Additionally, the “Fortune Cat” charm appears to randomly award extra coins. To respawn the large goblin, simply jump down and then back up the hole in the area. With swift and strategic movement, it’s possible to earn up to 100 coins per minute.

Saving Progress

There’s a conveniently located save statue nearby, making it easy to save your progress. Saving is quick, taking only a few seconds.

Conclusion: By using this method, you can efficiently farm coins and afford expensive items earlier in the game. Keep experimenting with different strategies, as there may be even more effective methods to uncover!

Hex Bomb Method for Gold Farming

Another method that you can use for the golden farm in Flipwitch Forbidden Sex Hex is the bomb method. This method is for those who want to spend some to. Spend some!


There are specific requirements for setting up the grind, including both mandatory and optional elements.


  1. Player Progress:
    • The strategy is executable when the player reaches Jigoku, following the completion of the Ghost Castle level.
  2. Goblin Bombs:
    • Unlocked during the Goblin Caves stage after encountering the retired Goblin Bomber.
  3. Items:
    • Fortune Cat: Purchaseable at the Merchant in Spirit Town, increasing the coins dropped by enemies.
    • Magnetic Hairpin: Attracts nearby drops such as coins, HP, and mana.


  1. Controller:
    • It is recommended to use a controller for handling the multiple input sequences efficiently.
  2. Missions:
    • Boned: Given by Rover at Cabaret Bunny in Spirit Town after releasing Rover, involving defeating Skull Knights at Ghost Castle.
    • Ghost Hunter: Provided by Milk and Cream at the Cabaret Club in Spirit Town after retrieving their panties, requiring the defeat of ghosts at Ghost Castle. (Activating these missions is optional but can be grinded for two h-scenes upon completion.)
  3. Your favorite costume:
    • Consider wearing an enjoyable costume to alleviate potential boredom during the grind.
  4. Alternative music:
    • It is recommended to use alternative music to avoid monotony, especially during extended periods of grinding. (Only true Flipwitches listen to spooky airbumps ;))


Two rooms in Ghost Castle are crucial for the grind:

Hex Bomb Location for Gold Farming in Flipwitch

The Prospect: Found by making a drop from the floor below Thimble, past the outdoor area with the Zombie, containing 1 Ghost and 2 Skull Knights.

Hex Bomb Location for Gold Farming in Flipwitch

Save Point Room: A hallway with a dropfloor to a Save Point, located past The Prospect when coming from the Crystal Teleporter.

Hex Bomb Location for Gold Farming in Flipwitch

The Hex Bomb Method

Step 1:

  • Make a quick save at the entrance by the saving point and switch to Goblin Bombs.
  • Charge the bomb meter to max (2 seconds) and enter the room next to the save point.

Step 2:

  • Target the Skull Knight upon entering; a well-timed bomb may also catch the Ghost.
Hex Bomb Method for Gold Farming in Flipwitch
  • If successful, proceed to the second Skull Knight; otherwise, charge one last time and target the Ghost.

Step 3:

  • Dodge back toward the save point, collecting coins.
  • Recharge the bomb while rolling towards the save point, holding the charge-up.

Step 4:

  • Touch the Save Point statue to refill mana and lost HP.
  • Charge the bomb before returning to the room.

Step 5 & 6:

Hex Bomb Method for Gold Farming in Flipwitch
  • Steps 5 and 6 are yet to be defined, leaving room for additional instructions or personal strategies.


  • The method may require practice, addressing potential mishaps like releasing too early or insufficient blast damage.
  • Estimated time to reach 1000 coins is around 7 to 8 minutes with practice.
  • Share your achievements below, and strive to beat the personal best!


  • By the hour, the player should accumulate between 8-10k coins, sufficient for unlocking all costumes in the game.

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