FNaF How to Get the 3 Stars

Introducing your exciting summer employment at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, the ultimate destination for both children and […]

Introducing your exciting summer employment at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, the ultimate destination for both children and parents seeking entertainment and delicious food! The star of the show is none other than Freddy Fazbear, accompanied by two friendly animatronic companions. These remarkable robots are designed to delight and entertain our beloved guests. For an immersive experience, check out our FNaF How to Get the 3 Stars guide, where you’ll discover valuable tips and insights on achieving three stars in this thrilling adventure!

FNaF How to Get the 3 Stars

Welcome to our FNaF How to Get the 3 Stars guide. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get 100% completion in five nights at freddy’s.

Mechanics of the Animatronics

First of all, i’ll explain the mechanics of the animatronics, you can skip this is you only want to beat the nights because this is not 100% necesary, but probably will help you.

Bonnie : He’ll walk through the pizzera until he gets in the cam 2b, in this point, bonnie will go to your office comming by left side, you only have to light left door, and if he’s there, close the door until you can see by lighting that he’s gone.

Chica : Same as bonnie but coming from right side, when she’s near she’ll come from the cam 4b.

Foxy : foxy mechanic is simple, if you’re not using the camera monitor, foxy will start getting off of the pirate cove, to avoid him from killing you, you’ll need to open up your camera monitor constantly (it doesn’t matter if it’s pirate cove or not, the only thing you need is to use open up the camera monitor). (i will tell you how to do this in the next section of the guide)

Freddy Fazbear : this is the easiest animatronic to avoid, but has the hardest mechanic to explain. Freddy will only start moving if chica and bonnie already left the cam 1a. When they leave, freddy will ONLY move if you’re not watching him in the cameras, freddy only aproaches to your office, he’ll never go back if he already moved. When freddy already moved various times, he’ll get in the cam 4b and hell be watching you. In this point, to avoid him you only need to watch him in the cam 4B by opening the camera monitor frequently. Yes, that’s all you need to avoid freddy, but be careful, because if you change of cam and you didn’t close the door, freddy will instakill you.

FNaF: How to get the 3 stars

What is Needed to get the 3 stars

1st star : Complete night 5

2nd star : Complete night 6

3rd star : Complete night 7 in the settings : 4/20

Strategy (How to Beat the Game)

When a night starts, you’ll have to go to cam 4b, this is the only cam you’ll need in this game.

when you open your monitor frequently and watch 4b, you’re avoiding freddy and foxy, since i explained the mechanics of these guys in the mechanic section of the guide.

So, you’ll just have to do this : Open up your monitor in 4b then light left door, open up your monitor in 4b, light left door, if bonnie appears, then you’ll have to close that door until he leaves.

so, what happens with chica? chica is the main problem of five night’s at freddys, i’ll explain, also i’ll add images, and i’ll add a video where you can see how this strategy is applied into the game.

if chica comes to your office, she will NECESARY pass through 4B (the cam that we are supposed to always be watching) you’ll see freddy in that camera.

FNaF: How to get the 3 stars

When chica gets in 4b, the freddy’s image will get replaced with this one where you can only see chica. (don’t worry, freddy stills there)

FNaF: How to get the 3 stars

when this happens, you’ll have to continue with the strategy : open 4b, light left door, open 4b, light left door. Until you can see freddy in 4b again

FNaF: How to get the 3 stars

when this happens, chica is very probably in the right door, and you’ll have to light right door and close it to avoid chica from killing you.

NOTE : when the cameras stop working, if you see this, don’t worry, chica isn’t in the right door, but if you see this, and chica was already on 4b, GO to light right door, because she’s probably there

FNaF: How to get the 3 stars
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