Folklore Hunter Bloodfang Forest Guide

Welcome to Folklore Hunter! You can find the information you need about Bloodfang Forest in this challenging adventure in our Folklore Hunter Bloodfang Forest guide.

You are a world of hunters known for killing supernatural monsters. Your next contract is to hunt a wendigo that has infested a woodland in North America. Gather resources, set traps, prepare your equipment, use your hunting instincts and defeat the monster before it hunts you down. You can find the information you need about Bloodfang Forest in this challenging adventure in our Folklore Hunter Bloodfang Forest guide.

Folklore Hunter Bloodfang Forest Guide

Welcome to our Folklore Hunter Bloodfang Forest Guide. In this guide will be tips, locations of interests and a fully (to-date) completed layout of the map for Bloodfang Forest.

Bloodfang Forest Walkthrough

While travelling and shooting these weird vampiric creatures may be fun, be wary as you CAN eventually run out of ammo. You need that ammo for the end beast. Oh, and let’s not forest the Bloodmist.

Starting off, the village may be the best place to make first base for when night hits, which is around 06:00 – 07:30 pm. There’s no vampiric beast lair nearby, so no need to worry about a daytime wander. To note, all vampiric beast lair allows these creatures to wander about during the day.

The aforementioned bloodmist can start from night 2 onwards. For a few minutes this event lasts for, spawning in more vampiric beasts that are one hit (that brought a sigh of relief). During this event, if the nearby haunting master vampiric beast hasn’t been slain, it will appear among the normal.

Unlike the earlier versions of the game, finding the pickaxe isn’t needed, and I for one didn’t come across it. Unsure if they removed this entirely. The salt cubes that you could find since the release of the Bloodfang Forest map are findable in one of the mines, which you need dynamite to blow (this is found at the base of the mini angel outside the mine). The rest are found inside the mysterious area. These are needed for the ritual at the end.

Ammo, cameras, and batteries can be found inside crates along the roads, outside and inside buildings. Little bags holding ammo can be found inside a building near the bottom left corner of the map. Like in the Wendigo map, deer/elf can be hunted for meat and set on the traps.

Be wary of totems. Much like the Wendigo, these vampiric beasts use those totems to map your location. Turn them away and you may have better luck.

For the church inside the village below where you spawn, you need to collect three separate parts to form an amulet. To get these parts you need to defeat three main vampiric beasts. Each beast is found inside a cemetery or inside the mine. Be wary of that mine, it has a few halls that the beast can travel through and appear elsewhere. Once all these pieces are found, place them on the glowing section inside the church and you will gain the amulet of curse.

To open the mysterious area, you need the full amulet. Once inside, you get a warning. BE SILENT, DON’T MOVE. Take that seriously, you’ll save ammo once inside. Crossbow bolts will be best to save up as they deal more damage. The beast inside here has damaged vision, staying still helps you. There are multiple little ritual blood sacrifice sites inside this catacomb, make sure to complete them before moving onto the combination puzzle. There’s clues throughout for this puzzle, but once completed you will open the area where the ritual will be held.

You need those salt cubes from earlier to make the ritual work. Light the torches and sacrifice blood to the sites inside, then you’ll need to lure the beast inside. You’ll do more damage to the beast when it’s inside this circle. Unlike the Wendigo, you need to kill this beast, and it will escape to destroy the salt powering the ritual. You need to use more salt to finish the beast off, which you should have enough of to finish it off even on solo.


  • Red – Locations of the vampiric beasts
  • Green – Church
  • Blue – Salt cube locations
  • Purple – House with bullet pouches
Hints and map layout for Bloodfang Forest in Folklore Hunter
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