Forager – Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks A lot of the mechanics and system are pretty straight forward for those […]

Tips and Tricks

A lot of the mechanics and system are pretty straight forward for those who’ve played similar games.It’s an endearing adventure game, I don’t feel like it has a steep learning curve, and upgrading items and spending talents often has a noticeable difference.

Action bar
While number keys work here, I recommend the mouse wheel, it’s smoother, wheels both ways, and sometimes you’ll end up with more action items than numbers.

Collecting items in bottles
Make the bottle your active action on your bar, then mouse click on (or under for insects; look for their shadow) the critter or object you want to collect. It’s easy to accidentally collect water when bug hunting, so keep that in mind.

Items stack infinitely.
Cannot be reorganized manually (though I suppose you could use the vault to shuffle items around)
Gear, equipment, and money do not take up space. They have their own menu (press escape to bring it up)
Bag, Wallet, and vault (through talents) can all be upgraded.
* Vault(s) will continue collecting in open world. But NOT in dungeons.

Once you collect items from the end boss, the dungeon will teleport you back to the entrance outside.
If you get stuck in a dungeons, you can bring up the menu ‘Save and return to Main Menu’ and you’ll be ported back to the entrance when you enter game again. Dungeon reset, but items intact.
First dungeon I found was Ancient Tomb , the blocks can be pushed with mouse/pickaxe action, and pulled with the E key.

Sometimes you’ll come across a puzzle you can’t complete yet for lack of a required items, you can always come back later.
If a puzzle is in a cave, you can reset it by going outside and coming back in.

There are numerous ways to improve how much coins you earn, upgrading wallet, certain talents, reducing the cost of plots via talents. I found selling high drop rate items quite profitable once you find the appropriate obelisks, potions/scrolls, and talents. For example, there is a talent that makes all rocks drop coal. Once you can mine at a good pace, recovering it takes less than ten minutes.

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