Foxhole How to Salvage Guide

A guide to learn and explain the fun but useful process that is Salvaging. Ready your hammers, prepare your resource containers and get ready to learn how to Salvage.

Foxhole Salvage Guide

What is Salvage_

Scroop, also known as salvage, is one of the most important and useful resource in Foxhole. Scroop is used to create materials, such as basic materials (BMATS), in Refineries which are then used for the production of items and the construction of buildings and vehicles. Scroop is also commonly referred to as Scrap as well, however, due to the game censoring the word Scrap because it contained the word ‘Crap’ in it, people started referring to salvage as Scroop instead of Scrap

.How to Scroop

Where to find Scraps?

Where to find Scroop?

There are currently two ways to find Scroop to gather it. You can either visit one of the many Salvage Fields on the map or you can also visit Salvage mines which are located throughout the map. To find the location of Salvage Fields you must open your map with your ‘M’ key and then look for the Salvage Field icon which is looks like a nail or bolt.

How to Scroop

To find Salvage mines simply open your map again with the ‘M’ key and search for the Salvage mine icon which looks like a mine. Hover over the icon and it shall also tell you whether it’s a Salvage mine or a component mine.
How to Scroop

When you hover over the Salvage field icon it’ll tell you the amount of nodes currently available at that field. A recently refreshed field starts with 250 Nodes. When you mine a node to completion the total amount of scroop you’ll receive is about 200. Sparkly nodes randomly respawn in the fields are give you a little bit more salvage than a normal node. .Once a field is completely empty it takes around an hour to two hours for the field to respawn the nodes. The location of the field and mines do not change during a war.

Salvage fields

When you hover over the Salvage field icon on the map it’ll tell you the amount of nodes currently available at that field. A recently refreshed field starts with 250 Nodes. When you mine a node to completion the total amount of scroop you’ll receive is about 200. Sparkly nodes randomly respawn in the fields are give you a little bit more salvage than a normal node. Once a field is completely empty it takes around an hour to two hours for the field to respawn the nodes. Salvage fields are the main way to gather Scroop in the game. Each Salvage field will give you just over 50,000 scroop in total.

How to Scroop

When at a Salvage field you’ll see big lumps of ‘scrap’ scattered around it. These are the scroop nodes. To gather scroop from these nodes you can either harvest them with a hammer, sledge hammer or a harvester. What you use to scroop with depends on the tech that’s currently researched during the war. At the start of a war you’ll mainly be scrooping with your basic Hammer you spawn with. Once you unlock sledgehammers you can scroop with them instead of hammers as they give more scroop per hit meaning you scroop faster. The final thing you can scroop with at salvage fields are Harvesters. To use a harvester your side must first have it researched, Harvesters are currently the best thing in the game to scroop with as they give you the scroop the fastest.

How to Scroop

Salvage mines

Salvage mines are game built structure located throughout the map which produce scroop. For Salvage mines to produce scroop they need fuel to run. You can either use Diesel or Petrol to run a Salvage mine. To fill a Salvage mine with fuel drive up to the mine with a fuel truck, press e on the mine and under the ‘Action’ menu they’ll be two options to either refuel with mine with diesel or petrol. Click the option of whatever fuel is in your fuel truck. The bars below the ‘Petrol’ and ‘Diesel’ text tell you the amount of fuel in the mine. Once the white bar is gone the mine is out of fuel.
How to Scroop

Once a mine has fuel it’ll automatically start producing scroop. If the mine is running on diesel it’ll produce 2 scroop every second while if it’s running on petrol it’ll run faster giving 6 scroop per second. When the mine produces the scroop it’ll automatically be stored in the mines stockpile. The maximum amount of the scroop a mine can hold in it’s stockpile is 5,000. To retrieve scroop from the mine stockpile its recommended you drive up to it with a either a Loadlugger truck (for the warden side) or the Atlas Hauler (for the collie side) and shift+left click on the scroop in the stockpile of the mine and it’ll transfer it to the stockpile of the truck. You can also use a normal logi truck to collect the scroop however you’ll hold less scroop in it compared to the other two trucks i stated. You can also see how much scroop is currently at a mine by hovering over the Salvage mine icon on the map and looking at the number next to the scroop icon.
How to Scroop

How to salvage

How to scroop?

Simply hit the scroop node with your hammer, sledgehammer or, if you have one, harvest it with your harvester. The scrap will automatically be added to your inventory or your harvesters inventory if you’re using one. Once your inventory is full simply transfer the scroop from your inventory to either your resource vehicle’s inventory, a resource containers stockpile, a storage container or a bunker base’s stockpile. To transfer it to your vehicles inventory simply press e on your vehicle, shifft+left click on the scroop in your inventory and it’ll transfer it. If you’re adding it to a resource container simple press e on the container, right click on the scroop in your inventory and click the submit all to stockpile option. The maximum amount a resource container can hold is 5,ooo, the maximum a resource vehicle like the Loadlugger or the Atlas can hold is 2,500, normal logi trucks can hold is 1,500 while if you’re storing scroop in a bunker base the maximum amount of scroop a bunker base can hold is 32,000.
How to Scroop

My truck and resource container is full, now what?

Once you’ve got your vehicle or resource container full of scroop you’ll then have to simply deliver it to a refinery to then turn the scroop into useful materials like basic materials (BMATS) or diesel. If you have your scroop in a vehicle you simply find a refinery on the map (the icon on the map is a hammer), drive up to the refinery and press e and then in the middle in the refinement section it’ll tell you the ratio used when refining your scroop. For example, if you have 5000 scroop and want to make them into BMATS the ratio is 2 to 1. Meaning 2 scroop gives you 1 BMAT. The total you’ll then receive from 5000 scroop is 2500 BMATS. To refine your scroop simply shift+left click the icon of the scroop in the middle.
How to Scroop

When you’re refining your scroop they’ll be a timer telling you how long it’ll take for it all to refine down. If you have your queue’s on public then your material will automatically add to the refineries stockpile. If you have your queue on personal then the material will be in the middle of the refinery queue for you to collect. To collect the material you’ve made simply drive up to the refinery in a normal logi truck and shift+left click on it and it’ll add it to your trucks inventory.
How to Scroop

Useful information and terminology

If you’re using a resource container to hold your scroop you’ll need a flatbed truck and a crane to move it around. When you want to lift up and move your container around run up to it and press e and then on the bottom right click the ‘Package’ button. This will then package your container so you can then lift it up and put it on a flatbed to move.

If you want to put your scroop from the resource container into a refinery you’ll have to drive a flatbed with your resource container on to a refinery and then use the crane at the refinery and place it on the flat open space thats between the crane and the refinery. You can then refine your scroop and then simply package the container back up and put it on your flatbed and drive away.

You can also put resource containers in ships like the Ironship. They can hold 5 containers in them which is 25,000 scroop in total. You’ll need a crane though to put them in the ship and flatbed if you want to move them to the refinery once you unload them.


  • Scroop= Is another name for Salvage. Sometimes also called scrap.
  • BMATS= Is another name for Basic materials
  • EMATS= Is another name for explosive materials
  • Scrooping= The name given when you mine salvage nodes to collect salvage (scroop)
  • Scrooper/Farmer= The name given to people who spend alot of time scrooping
  • Roadkill= What I call the people are accidentally run over when speeding my scroop to the refinery

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