Friday the 13th: The Game – Tips

Just a short guide showing some tips on Counselor and Jason. I’ll probably add more tips later.


You can press “X” on your keyboard to jog. This conserves more stamina for when you need it, while moving at a decent speed. Jogging also makes your counselor quieter and generates less noise pings.

The stealth stat depends how loud and how much noise pings your counselor makes. The highter the stealth stat, the less noisy you are. You are the loudest you can be if you’re swimming. If you’re playing as a non stealthy counselor, sprinting and especially swimming is loud and makes more noise pings. Even jogging is fairly loud if you’re playing as a 1/10 stealth counselor.

You can regenerate stamina faster by standing still, getting into a hiding spot, or finding and standing in a light source such as street lights. Your stamina regeneration rate decreseas if you are crouching.

You can press “Z” on your keyboard to drop the highlighted item in your inventory and you can hold “Z” to drop whatever is in your hand.

You can disarm Jason’s traps with a pocket knife by croucnhing down and holding “E” on your keyboard next to it.

You can press “C” to enter combat stance. In combat stance you can block by holding right click, preform a vertical attack by holding left click, and dodge by double tapping the “A”, “S”, or “D” keys. Vertical attakcs have a higher damage output. You can block throwing knives in combat stance as well.

If you hit Jason regarding if it stuns him or not, you receive a boost in stamina.

Flares shot from flare guns can mark Jason on the map for everyone to see if it hits or travels near him.

Jason can be stunned by fire crackers. You can use fire crackers as a kind of safe point for you to regen stamina if you really need it, as long as you’re standing in the fire crackers.

If you’re not injured at even the slightest, then you can heal other counselors by pressing the number of the slot that’s assigned to the healing spray in your inventory.

Sometimes you can find various items such as pocket knives, healing sprays, fire crackers, and weapons at campsites.


There is always two throwing knives in your shack that you can pick up.

It’s important to place traps at objective locations such as the phone box, cars, boats, and maybe even your shack. Press “R” on your keyboard to place traps. My trapping routine as a Jason with 5 traps starts with placing a trap in front of the phone box, two traps at the 4 seater or only car at the gas tank and the right side of the hood where the battery goes, then one trap at the 2 seater or boat. My routine with a Jason with 3 traps starts with one trap infront of the phone box, one at the 4 seater or the only car’s hood, and then one at the boat or other car’s hood. My routine with a Jason with 7 traps is one infront of the phone box, two at the 4 seater or only car, and two at the boat or 2 seater.

You can press “C” on your keyboard to go into combat stance. In combat stance you can hold right click to block, and hold left click to do an overhead swing. An overhead swing will allow you to reach a little longer distance and deal a little more damage.

The bubbles you see in the distance as Jason is noise being made by counselors or something else.

You can find throwing knives scatterd all around the map in high places that counselors can’t reach.

Your fourth ability, “Stalk”, makes the music that plays when Jason is near become silent and makes Jason’s footsteps silent for the duration of the stalk ability.

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