Astroneer – Tungsten

Tungsten Tungsten is a refined resource in Astroneer. Wolframite refines into Tungsten when placed on the Smelting Furnace. To craft the following: Hydrazine Thruster Chemistry Lab Trade Platform Medium Generator Winch Wolframite is another ore, the ore of Tungsten. Sound familiar? What you might have seen in the computer, are base components that require Tungsten, …

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Astroneer – Planet Center

Your Astroneer Planet Center If you are sensitive to motion sickness, DO NOT attempt to spin around the center. Your character’s feet point towards the center at all times, and this can cause the camera to follow, too. Step-by-Step Walkthrough So, you’re the adventurous type, huh? Well, I can’t blame you. Here are some steps …

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Astroneer – Iron

Iron Locations Iron is the refined version of Hematite. It is refined with the use of a Smelting Furnace. It can also be acquired via the Trade Platform. To craft the following: Atmospheric Condenser Medium Shredder Large Shredder Large Platform C Extra Large Platform A Extra Large Platform B Extra Large Storage Trade Platform Find …

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