Warhammer 40K Darktide: Momentum Zealot Build

Detailed guide to builds, equipment and game strategy for Momentum Dagger Zealot.

One of the most discussed topics in the game is the Momentum Dagger Zealot, because there are many different ways to play it. In this guide, we explained the Zealot build, its details and strategies in the game.

Zealot Build

This guide will cover the build, equipment and strategy to effectively play a Momentum Dagger Zealot. This class, its builds and play-ability are arguably the most contested topic in Darktide and there are millions of different ways to play it. This guide is entirely from my own anecdotal experience on what works with over 2900 hours played in the game.

Melee Weapon (Catachan MKIII or MKVI Combat Blade)

Both the Catachan MKIII and MKVI Combat Blade are viable in this build.

Base Stats, Blessings & Perks

Stat Priority

  • First Target
  • Damage
  • Mobility
  • Finesse
  • Penetration (throw away stat)


25% Carapace Damage 25% Flak Damage

These will make up for any lost Penetration.


How to Momentum Zealot
How to Momentum Zealot

Due to the bulk of the Momentum tree buffs and protections being gained through Dodges and the increased dodge from Swift Certainty the 20% crit increase from Riposte will be up essentially the entire fight. Some people prefer precognition but I find that it works better when you have a high cirt output to begin with like a Blazing Piety build.

Uncanny Strike

I find Uncanny Strike is more versatile as opposed to Backstab since in some fights it is not an option to get behind a target. Also, Uncanny Strikes having a buff time of 3.5 seconds it allows you to load up on stacks by hitting lesser enemies and transition to a larger target. Uncanny Strikes also translate to your Blades of Faith making them extremely powerful against enemies that would otherwise give you a blue hit indicator without it.

Dagger Differences

Key difference is the MKVI and MKIII is found in the attack breakdown. The MKVI has the ability to power attack and perform Vanguard Strikes which will hit more than one target while the MK3 only can do Strikedown which hit only one target unless the initial target is killed and you swing through them to the next.

How to Momentum ZealotHow to Momentum Zealot
How to Momentum ZealotHow to Momentum Zealot

Ranged Weapon ( Blades of Faith )

Zarona Mk IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver

What you run as your ranged weapon with this build is really up to you. I prefer to run a revolver because I have trust issues with other players killing ranged special and with the ability to shoot through multiple enemies its perfect for shooting through a pack to kill a disabler.

How to Momentum Zealot

Blades of Faith

Your Blitz ability is you real ranged weapon which you recover through ammo pick ups and from making kills with your melee weapon. These are capable of one-shotting unarmored Ragers, gunners and shotgunners. Counter to what the tooltip says because we are running Uncanny Strike on the dagger Blades of Faith become exceedingly powerful against Maulers, Crushers, Reapers and armored Ragers after loading up on Uncanny Strike stacks.

How to Momentum Zealot


Stamina is the wonder stat. Sprint longer, jump more, parry stronger attacks, parry more attacks while reviving a teammate and most of all you have a lesser chance running out of stamina and getting stuck in a stagger from a groaner tapping you.

How to Momentum Zealot

The Corruption Resistance can be swapped out but lately I have been enjoying it especially in fights like the Twins.

Momentum Build

How to Momentum Zealot

Movement Guide

As the name implies this build is only as good as you can move around in a fight.

Game Physics

Both the Slide and Strafe Dodge inherit whatever your current movement speed is. So if you are not sprinting and crouch you will notice your character doesn’t slide as far or as fast The Combat Blade when winding up a power attack will greatly increase your speed for a short moment.

By triggering your Slide or your Dodge at the peak of the power attack speed boost will allow you to maintain that speed into your Slide or Dodge. Repeating this pattern will allow you to move about the fight at incredible speeds.

The same principal applies to other movement speed buffs you gain from Thy Wrath be Swift, Shroudfield and Swift Certainty

How to Momentum Zealot

How to Momentum Zealot

How to Momentum Zealot

Closing the Gap on Gunners

Using the same power attack movement slide pattern described before you can reach gunners actively firing on you and take minimal damage.

Practice Makes Perfect

This build arguably has a very steep learning curve and it is a very intensive play style that might not suit everyone but after you have the movement mechanic figured out you can do some awesome things and its incredibly satisfying.

Written by Trauma

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